Dua Lipa Prioritizes Career Over Romance, Ends Relationship with Gavras

Singlehood Ahead: Dua Lipa Focuses on New Album, Ends Relationship

Reports suggest that globally renowned singer, Dua Lipa, has parted ways with her beau and movie director, Romain Gavras, after flourishing in an intense romance for eight months.

The news of their dating journey was corroborated in March when the duo was spotted heading back home from a high-fashion event by Saint Laurent at the Paris Fashion Week. However, according to recent news published by The Sun, the couple has allegedly decided to walk separate paths.

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Lipa is trekking towards the path of focusing on her musical artistry, foregoing any romantic distractions, as she prepares to release her third album to the world. Her recent single, ‘Houdini’, hit the music scene last month and it seems she has then decided to put a stop to her relationship with Gavras.

An anonymous source familiar with the matter shared with the respected publication that their love sizzled over the summer but unfortunately, it could not go beyond that.

According to the same source, Lipa is infatuated with her career trajectory and desired to conclude their relationship on a fair note, before it took a bitter taste. Gavras seemed to perceive Lipa as overly committed to work, but she appears unswayed to change her pace for anyone or anything.

Their last outing as a couple happened a month ago accompanied by Lipa’s younger brother, Gjin, aged 17. The trio was seen making an exit from the renown Chiltern Firehouse after what seemed like a pleasant evening. Lipa was noticed wearing a red pair of leather trousers, paired with a silver-studded white top and a subtle grey woollen overcoat.

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Interestingly, Lipa revealed in an interview that her upcoming album provides a more intimate look into her life, including personal themes of dating and discerning the authenticity of a romantic partner. Breaking down her music on a US radio show, she shared how the record encapsulates the spectrum of emotions felt when one is navigating the world of singlehood.

She shared that this new record is a reflection of her personal experiences on love and the authenticity of her romantic entanglements. It addresses the complexities of transitioning from being single to possibly becoming a part of a new relationship.

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The ‘New Rules’ hitmaker further elaborated on her record, explaining how her musical journey is as much about personal discovery as it is about romantic relationships. The album represents the initial phases of a budding relationship and the intricate process of understanding if a person is genuine or purely a façade.

She continues, noting that the quest for authenticity extends beyond the initial phases of a relationship, delving deeper into discerning the core identity of a potential partner. This comes following Lipa’s previous relationship with Anwar Hadid, well before her romantic ties with Gavras.

Lipa’s career skyrocketed when her first album, simply titled ‘Dua Lipa’, was released. Her subsequent album, ‘Future Nostalgia’, achieved resounding success, recently crossing the 10 billion streams benchmark.

With the end of her recent romantic chapter, she’s reportedly in the final stages of producing her third album, which she describes as intensely personal. The audience awaits eagerly to hear the new insights and emotions that Lipa is readying to express in her upcoming release.


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