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Dr. Fauci Admits Covid Social Distancing Rule Was NOT Based on Science

Fauci’s Unexpected Revelations about the Pandemic Response


Emerging from a closed-door interview with the House Select Committee on Coronavirus Pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the renowned epidemiologist at the helm of U.S.’s COVID-19 response, has expressed some surprising insights. Particularly, he confessed that the prescribed social distancing practices ‘sort of just emerged’, raising questions about whether they were truly anchored in empirical evidence. The octogenarian medical expert’s revelations may cast a dubious light on the origins and determinations of pandemic guidelines.

Moreover, Fauci, during his interaction with the Committee, did not categorically dismiss the lab leak theory, often hushed during the pandemic’s early days. His statement deviated from the constricting assertion often heard that such a hypothesis was merely a breeding ground for conspiracy theories. The potential implications of this acknowledgment may very well shape discussions about the future global health policy and pandemic management.

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The investigations conducted by the Committee, under Wenstrup’s direction, specifically inquired into the supposed active role of government officials, including Fauci, in potentially repressing reasons to suspect the pandemic emerged from a lab leak in Wuhan, China. There have been numerous allegations from political factions claiming that these officials propagated the theory of natural origin, ostensibly to safeguard China’s reputation.

Arguably, no individual has elicited sharper division during the COVID-19 crisis than Dr. Fauci. His directives, which became instrumental in shaping lockdown, mask-wearing rules, and vaccination mandates, were questioned by those skeptical of the restrictions. Meanwhile, others, primarily those who supported the government’s crisis response, held him in high regard.

Wenstrup, a practising physician with a professional experience extending over three decades, commented on the revelations from Dr. Fauci’s statement. ‘The information gleaned from Dr. Fauci’s discussion exposed inadequacies within our public health system and highlighted grave procedural issues plaguing our health authority.’ Wenstrup further stresses on the importance of integrating differing opinions instead of suppressing them as these conversations could potentially refine our systems and preparedness for future pandemics.

An example of one restrictive policy enforced nationwide was the six-foot social distancing rule which resulted in school closures and enforced lockdowns. Also, public facilities and businesses like bars and restaurants were included in the sweeping restrictions. This measure, as per Fauci’s testimony to Wenstrup, ‘sort of just appeared’ without a clear explanation of its logical derivation.

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In the same vein, Fauci did not completely dismiss the often-sidelined hypothesis that the origins of the coronavirus trace back to a lab leak in Wuhan. Contrary to popular belief, he also declared that such an idea does not merely constitute a conspiracy theory. In this context, Wenstrup opined that Dr. Fauci engaged in linguistic gymnastics when discussing the plausible phenomenon of a ‘lab leak’.

Wenstrup pointed out that Fauci’s admission came almost four years post the publication of the paper on ‘Proximal Origin’ that sought to negate the lab leak hypothesis. This admission stirred a fresh dialogue around the theory’s legitimacy and its potential implications in uncovering the pandemic’s true origins.

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During his interaction, Fauci also expressed concerns over the unintended consequence of America’s vaccine mandates in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: they could heighten vaccine hesitation among the public. The prominent health expert also noted that he recommended colleges across the country to implement vaccination requirements for students, an opinion that drew varying reactions.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a conspicuous critic of Fauci, voiced his skepticism at Fauci’s public pronouncements during an appearance on ‘The Ingraham Angle’. He claimed that a significant chasm exists between Fauci’s private confessions and public statements, particularly regarding the origin of the COVID-19 virus.

‘What remains consistent about Anthony Fauci is that his private disclosures are more or less accurate, while his public announcements are more often than not misleading,’ Paul stated. Paul supported his claim by sharing a conversation between Fauci and Sylvia Burwell, in which Fauci acknowledged the inefficacy of masks due to their larger pores than the virus. Yet, Fauci is commonly seen donning multiple masks in public.

Similar inconsistencies, according to Paul, were visible in Fauci’s public stance versus his private counsel on immunity, vaccines, and particularly on ‘gain-of-function’ research. The purpose of this kind of research is to enhance a virus’s potential for harm, with proponents arguing that it prepares scientists in case of natural mutations and potential threats.

Paul’s chief contention was that Fauci, in private correspondence, confirmed suspicions about the virus having been manipulated and acknowledged that gain-of-function research was being conducted in Wuhan. ‘In private, he essentially confirmed our suspicions. That’s what the internal emails suggest,’ brought up Paul.

In striking contrast, Fauci continued to refute public claims about funding any gain-of-function research in Wuhan. ‘To this date, he denies public allegations about financing this kind of research in Wuhan. This discrepancy renders his statements untrustworthy,’ Paul asserted.

The diverging accounts from the private and public statements invite further scrutiny of the communication strategies during the pandemic. Unpacking these discrepancies can shed light on the challenges and dilemmas health officials face in navigating both the public health crisis and the information crisis intertwined with it.


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