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Dr. Ben Carson Spotlights Biden’s Mental Decline: Is Our National Security at Stake?

Impaired Leader: Carson Questions Biden’s Unusual Tent of Distraction

Dr. Ben Carson, a distinguished retired neurosurgeon and respected former head of Trump’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, joined Newsmax for an interview recently. During this interview, he expressed significant concern over the mental faculties of President Joe Biden and what this could mean for the safety of our nation. These comments arose following startling revelations that suggest the White House staff is adopting unusual methods to downplay the advanced age of the president.

Biden’s seemingly compromised agility has led to the addition of a retinue of White House personnel or lawmakers during his travels to and from the presidential helicopter, Marine One, since mid-April. This contingent appears to exist for the purpose of diverting attention away from any apparent lack of dexterity in the president’s movements. A critical question arises here: should we as a nation be worried about the capabilities of a leader whose physical condition must be masked?

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Reports from the DC Enquirer indicate that senior members of White House staff such as deputy chiefs of staff Bruce Reed, Annie Tomasini, and advisor Mike Donilon were often observed accompanying the president during his walks to the helicopter. It’s Dr. Carson’s opinion that Joe Biden’s mental and physical health is becoming a worry. His thought-provoking question was, ‘When the president’s capacity to function is diminishing, doesn’t this endanger the whole country?’

The debate concerning Biden’s mental competency has been surfacing. Carson argued that Biden’s age is not an excuse for his mental decline, as many seniors older than Biden are still mentally robust. The issue, Carson points out, is more severe, and could be easily addressed with a cognitive assessment or a simple ‘mental status test’. But this raises a question – why does the idea of such a test seem to make the administration so nervous?

Carson further articulated his views while speaking with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling. He questioned the administration’s reluctance to perform a mental status test on President Biden. After all, if the administration is confident that the president is as cognitively sharp as they claim, then the results of such a test should not present a problem. Hence, he suggested that something might be amiss, as the reluctance to perform a simple test can be seen as quite suspicious.

Undeniably, the visible decline of President Biden has been noticed by a majority of Americans, not just those within the administration. Recent Associated Press polling data is disconcerting, revealing that a sizable 63 percent of poll respondents have expressed their lack of confidence in Biden’s mental acuity. These respondents were either ‘not very or not at all confident’ about his mental fitness to lead.

The breakdown of these polling numbers equally paints a worrying picture for the Democrats. Specifically, an alarming 32 percent of Democrats were found to have lost confidence in Biden, whereas 80 percent of independents and a staggering 91 percent of Republicans expressed the same concern. Looking at these figures, one cannot help but question the future of the administration and whether it can effectively lead with such a lack of faith from its constituents.

There’s no denying that the physical and mental capabilities of President Biden have shown significant signs of decline with advancing age. Yet, against these odds, the Democrats along with First Lady Jill Biden continue to rally behind him. This persistent support for the president, who has shown multiple instances of cognitive lapses leading to embarrassing gaffes, is extremely unsettling.

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To most conservatives, thinking on your feet is an essential trait for any leader, especially the president of our great nation. However, we have increasingly been witnessing Biden’s struggles with this vital skill, further compounding concerns for his ability to govern and make quick, critical decisions. This issue raises additional questions around the capability of an aged leadership team and its implications for the stability of our nation.

The future is even more uncertain when you consider the fact that should President Biden decide to run for another term and succeed, he would be 86 years old by the end of his second term. However, the president appears to be relatively uninterested in addressing these concerns. The president’s unwillingness to engage in unscripted interviews or press briefings does nothing to assuage the existing apprehensions.

The level of transparency being offered also leaves much to be desired. For the undecided voters, who might be yearning for an energetic, agile leader rather than an aging, frailer figure, these issues present real concerns. It is perplexing to imagine why the Democrats continue to support a leader who does not project the qualities expected of the office he holds.

Indeed, one of the cornerstones of our democracy is the image of a robust leader who can withstand the rigorous challenges and demands of the presidency. Seeing a leader who appears tired, stumbles over words, and presents less-than-secure body language may contribute to an overall dilution of the respect and belief in the office.

While age by itself is not an indicator of ineptitude, the reluctance to address concerns and the clear signs of mental and physical slowness can indeed raise serious doubts about the ability to lead. Carson, in his concerned tone, mirrored the questions that several Americans are currently grappling with. Can we trust a leader when there are visible signs of incapacitation, or when there are health clouds looming over?


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