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Double Homicide Suspect Indicted by Manhattan DA’s Office

Video Footage Ties Suspect to Two Murders

District attorney’s office indicted a 21-year-old accused of double homicide in Harlem. Prosecutors believe that he committed the first killing in East Harlem and, within 30 hours, the second execution-style slaying of 36-year-old Brandon Brunson inside a smoke shop on Lenox Avenue.

Messiah Nantwi had previously opened fire at NYPD officers and was out on bail at the time of the murders.In both murders, Nantwi allegedly shot the victims at point-blank range and then fired again after the victims were on the ground.

The Manhattan district attorney charged the defendant with two counts of second-degree murder and four counts of weapon possession on Thursday.

Nantwi was on bail for allegedly committing a violent felony in the Bronx at the time of the killings in Harlem. Defense requested a lower bail amount, which allowed him to be released.


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Now, criminal justice reform advocates argue that if the bail amount had not been adjusted, Brunson, and 19-year-old Jaylen Duncan, might still be alive today.

Prosecutors assert video evidence proves that Nantwi shot Duncan in broad daylight on April 8th.. Then, in the early evening of April 9th, Nantwi allegedly murdered Brunson in a Harlem smoke shop by shooting him in the head at point-blank range. The video footage shows Nantwi standing over the fallen Brunson and firing multiple times.

Crime Stoppers played a critical role in identifying Nantwi as the suspect in both killings. Investigators believe that he used the same weapon in both of the shootings. After his arrest, the firearm was located in Harlem, where ballistic tests matched it to the crimes.

Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, expressed concern over the shootings: “Gun violence tears at the fabric of our neighborhoods, and I join those mourning the loss of these two men.” Nantwi’s indictment is a crucial first step in bringing justice to the families of the victims.

Conservatives throughout the country are tired of hearing about violent crimes committed by repeat offenders. Like Nantwi, these criminals are out on bail or parole and re-offend within days, causing senseless and unnecessary harm to others. Citizens demand that their communities be kept safe by enforcing existing laws and punishing criminals.

Critics of criminal justice reform suggest that lowering bail amounts only puts dangerous suspects back on the streets. When defendants like Nantwi are free, they can continue to murder and destroy families. A balance must be struck between protecting the rights of the accused and ensuring public safety.

In reality, conservative views must be taken into consideration when it comes to policies geared towards reducing violent crime. Restrictions on gun access by violent offenders, rehabilitation, and job training programs are measures that conservatives can support. These efforts would both reduce recidivism while keeping the public safe.

Without proper regulations and enforcement, more people can become victims of violent, unnecessary crimes. Supporting the existing judicial system and law enforcement is crucial in keeping the peace. This includes regulating bail, firearm ownership, and working to address the root causes of violent crime.

Another important issue that conservatives are concerned about is the growing number of violent crimes in metropolitan areas. The politicians who run these cities have turned a blind eye to these problems and allow them to fester. For example, defunding the police has led to fewer law enforcement officers and more violent crime.

Due to the surge in homicides in many metropolitan cities, conservatives are quick to criticize progressive leaders. Conservatives suggest that these political figures should focus on taking a more balanced, effective approach to crime and focus on the safety of their constituents.

Furthermore, conservatives stress that the focus should be on raising awareness. Citizens must understand the dangers associated with crime to help them avoid becoming victims themselves. This awareness can be achieved with publicized information programs and guidance from law enforcement.

Reducing violent crime is a complex task that requires collaboration between citizens, officials, and law enforcement. This collaboration is possible only when there is transparency and trust between all parties. Working together can allow us to reduce violent crime and protect our families and communities.

It is crucial to examine violent crime on a case-by-case basis and consider the factors that lead to recidivism. In the case of Nantwi, had the bail amount remained higher, he may not have been on the street to commit the heinous crimes he committed. Therefore, policy and judicial reforms that aim to balance the safety of citizens and defendants are crucial to reducing violent crime.

Violent crimes, like the ones committed by Nantwi, rip families and communities apart, causing deep pain and trauma. It is our responsibility to ensure our neighborhoods are safe from this senseless violence. In order to enforce justice, we must work together with all parties and officials.


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