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Donald Trump Slams Bidenomics, Vows to Restore America’s Economy

Former President Trump Exposes Biden’s Failures on Economic Front


In a recent video, the prominent Republican presidential candidate and 45th President, Donald Trump, expressed his concerns about President Joe Biden’s economic policies, which he termed ‘Bidenomics.’

Trump emphasized that rescuing the country from the adverse effects of Bidenomics is a pivotal issue in the upcoming campaign.

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He reminded viewers of his leadership, asserting that his administration created an exceptional economy not once but twice. Trump guaranteed that upon returning to the Oval Office, the economy would flourish even more greatly than before.

Trump pointed out the contrasting economic figures between his presidency and Biden’s, highlighting the decline of real incomes by $7,400 per family while showcasing a rise of nearly $6,000 in yearly income during his administration.

He criticized Biden’s ‘fake job numbers,’ stressing the creation of only 2.1 million new jobs in Biden’s 30 months compared to his own 4.9 million.

Furthermore, Trump drew attention to key economic concerns such as rising gas prices, inflation, and mortgage rates, where he emphasized how his administration had achieved a 30-year low in mortgage rates, while under Biden, home purchases are becoming increasingly unaffordable.

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Trump criticized the Democratic party, referring to them as ‘radical Democrat communists,’ citing their imposition of over $10,000 in job-killing regulatory costs on American households within three years.

In contrast, his administration reduced job-killing regulations by an impressive $11,000 per household.

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The former president highlighted the success of the stock market and 401ks during his tenure and accused the mainstream media of covering up the recession that has unfolded under Biden’s watch.

Trump noted a loss of confidence in the American economy among millions of Americans due to Bidenomics and coined the term ‘Biden era’ to describe the current administration. Despite the challenges, he assured viewers that America’s economic resurgence is imminent.

Trump pledged to bring back tax cuts, regulatory cuts, tariffs, energy independence, and energy dominance, which would ultimately put an end to Bidenomics and the perceived incompetence of the current president.

He concluded with his iconic slogan, promising to ‘Make America Great Again’ and reassuring Americans that the economic downturn will soon be over.

Bidenomics has faced widespread criticism for its negative impact on the American economy. Many Americans have come to realize the destructive nature of the Democrats’ economic agenda as inflation continues to erode the purchasing power of families.

They remember the strong economy that prevailed during the Trump administration, making Bidenomics look even more disastrous in comparison.


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