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Documents from Trump Case Set Ablaze in NYC Courthouse Injuring 17

Wednesday’s Wildfire: A Hitch in New York Supreme Court Amid Trump Case


A seemingly innocuous afternoon in the New York State Supreme Court building took an unexpected turn on Wednesday. A man was discovered initiating a small conflagration, as court papers went up in flame. This resulted in immediate action, triggering alarms and prompting an abrupt evacuation. The court’s communications liaison, Al Baker, recounted the details of the shocking event.

At the height of the afternoon, around 4 p.m., the renowned lower Manhattan structure briefly abandoned its usual calm facade, as smoke began to fill the building. Prompt response by the city’s firefighters managed to extinguish the flames in short order. Nonetheless, a temporary smoky veil clouded the premises, particularly noticeable on the third and fourth floors’ stairwells, as reported by ABC7.

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This historic edifice of jurisprudence, a familiar backdrop for legal dramas like ‘Law & Order’ and ‘Night Court’, has been recently thrumming with real-life drama. It has been the stage for the last three months for the intricate business fraud case against the nation’s former President, Donald Trump. As it happened, the alarm-induced evacuation occurred just after the day’s proceedings had ended.

According to the New York City Fire Department, the situation led to 17 minor injuries. Amongst the evacuees, two individuals were briskly transported to a nearby hospital, while the rest, such as presiding Judge Arthur Engoron, chose to reject on-site treatment. Thankfully, all personnel, including Judge Engoron, received clearance to return to the edifice shortly after timeliness of the evacuation impressed all.

Of note, the former President himself was not present during the brief episode of upheaval in the courthouse, which leaves no impact on the ongoing session. The critical final remarks from the defense and prosecution are due next month.

In the recent court proceedings, Alina Habba, functioning as the attorney and spokesperson for Trump, has expressed strong criticism against Letitia James, the New York Attorney General. Accusations have been thrown back and forth in the $250 million lawsuit led by James against Trump, involving his adult sons, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump.

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James alleges Trump, backed by his sons, manipulated their firm’s value to benefit from favorable loan terms and interest rates. Judge Engoron, tasked with assessing the case, has already previously declared Trump, in September, had defrauded financial institutions, stirring up palpable contention within the courtroom.

Judge Engoron’s unabashed criticism of the former president and his legal team has evidently impacted the courtroom atmosphere. Earlier this week, Trump personally took the stand and sparred verbally with Engoron in a near four-hour testimony. The exchange also featured some keen words directed at James, who was present.

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Many spectators on the outside have anticipated that Engoron might veer towards declaring Trump guilty. However, Habba has dismissed these speculations, most decisively mentioning earlier in the course of the month that incarceration for Trump was ‘not even something we think about.’

Responding to Carl Higbie of Newsmax, Habba argued that the legal circumstances surrounding Trump wouldn’t lead to a breach of gag orders. She stated emphatically, ‘He’s protected by Secret Service, period.’

Habba further reinforced her stand, reminding people of Trump’s Secret Service protection, on one hand, and maintaining Trump’s innocence on the other. ‘People who end up behind bars are there because they’ve done something wrong,’ she insisted, playing down speculations.

The spirited attorney extended her assertions, stating the Secret Service will always protect Trump, no matter his whereabouts. She dismissed the prison gossips, calling them political. Habba confidently attested to Trump’s innocence, criticizing anyone asserting otherwise for pursuing a political agenda.

Referring to the allegations against Trump, Habba scoffed, saying, ‘Unless making money for banks is a civil wrong all of a sudden.’ This off-handed remark echoed the administration’s perspective on the supposed merits of the case.

Higbie offered a sardonic comment – ‘Orange man bad’, to which Habba swiftly responded, implying a bias against Trump rooted in what she interprets as ‘Trump derangement syndrome’.

In conclusion, Habba emphasized her strong belief in Trump’s innocence and expressed no concern over the potential outcome of the trial. ‘I’m not worried about him, he’s not worried, and the American public shouldn’t be worried,’ she concluded, maintaining an unyielding faith in the legal system.

Yet again, this brisk but dramatic episode at the New York State Supreme Court reminds the onlookers and those involved in the trial of its unpredictability – an apt metaphor for the whirlwind of recent political events unfolding on the national stage.


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