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Disney Tackles Florida Regulations, Prioritizes Suit Against Conservative Governor

The Mouse vs The Governor: Disney Battles DeSantis in Court


On the upcoming Friday, Disney will prompt a legal official in the state of Florida to overlook a lawsuit brought forth by a state regulation board.

Instead, the corporation wishes the focus to center upon a separate lawsuit currently targeting the Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis. These details have been reported by the international news organization Reuters.

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Disney, the multinational entertainment and media conglomerate, has approached Judge Margaret Schreiber with their request. Specifically, they wish for the dismissal of a lawsuit originating in May, lodged by the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD).

This oversight organization holds authority over the areas surrounding Disney’s regarded amusement parks.


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According to the details made available, the CFTOD lawsuit seeks to nullify any covert agreements made in favor of Disney. It argues that these clandestine deals were constructed with a previous district board and present a direct violation of established state laws.

Disney, however, rebuts the accusations of the CFTOD, advocating that the lawsuit be dismissed. It states it is unnecessary in light of the previous memorandum reached by the past board, which has been currently deemed null and void by the state. This argument has been reported by Reuters.

Cutting against the grain of Disney’s stance, the CFTOD firmly requested Judge Schreiber to grant their case the green light to proceed.

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They harshly protested that the progress of the federal case could be potentially compromised and sought urgency in resolving this issue.

A ruling that sides with Disney would pivot the company’s focus towards the federal lawsuit against Governor DeSantis. This case alleges that the legal right to freedom of speech that the corporation holds has been infringed upon by the actions of the governor.

Governor DeSantis passed significant legislation back in February that led to the installation of a five-member state control board and obligated Disney to contribute tax payments to the state. This led to the ultimate elimination of the special self-governing status previously held by the corporation.

In response to the perceived affront from DeSantis, Disney initiated its own lawsuit against the governor in April. They attributed a constructed, ‘targeted campaign of government retaliation’ to the governor’s office, which they claim unfairly and disproportionately penalizes their company.

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In March 2022, the actions of the Florida governor again stirred controversy when he validated the House Bill 1557, which some critics have given the slightly misleading moniker, the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

This piece of legislation strictly bans educators from explaining or discussing themes of gender identity and sexual orientation to students before they reach the fourth grade.

Disney’s lack of vocal opposition to the bill has raised eyebrows, admitting, “While we’ve long championed the community for many years, aware that a great number are displeased that we didn’t vocally resist the bill.

Our opposition to the legislation was established from the beginning, we elected not to adopt a public stance in order to foster a more effective impact through direct discourse with lawmakers residing on both sides of the aisle,” as stated by Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney.

The outcome of these ongoing legal battles could be monumental for Disney, shaping their operational standing within Florida. It could alter the landscape of their renowned theme parks and their ongoing operational policies.

The multiple lawsuits signify tense relations between the entertainment giant and Florida’s government bodies. As such, Disney now finds itself caught amidst legal tussles, primarily revolving around the rights and regulations affecting its presence in the state.

Disney is persisting with its approach to avert the May lawsuit from CFTOD. Simultaneously, it continues to stand upright against Governor DeSantis, sharpening its argument that the governor’s actions have directly violated the corporation’s free speech rights.

This intricate legal situation creates unique implications for both Disney, Governor DeSantis, and the people of Florida.

Their interests and the politics surrounding their interactions may prompt a deep dive into the regulations and rulings in the Sunshine State.

Time will reveal whether Disney’s bid to dismiss the CFTOD lawsuit will be successful, allowing the corporation to focus on their federal case against Gov.

DeSantis. As the lawsuits unfold, Florida, its government, Disney, and its patrons will face inevitable change, whatever the outcomes.


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