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Disney Ex-head’s Hefty Donations to Biden: Unraveling Ties with China

$1.7M Boost to Biden’s Campaign: Katzenberg’s Chinese Links Cause Stir


In a generous expression of support, the erstwhile boss of Disney, joined by his wife, enriched President Biden’s campaign committee through a combined donation exceeding $1.7 million.

Recent reports underscored that the previous leader of Disney and DreamWorks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, was formally recognized as a pivotal national co-chair for the Biden campaign on April 25.

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A mere two days post this announcement, on April 27, the campaign’s joint fundraiser, known as the Biden Victory Fund, was the beneficiary of an $889,600 gift from Marilyn Katzenberg, Jeffrey’s wife. This is as per the data derived from the Federal Election Commission’s records.

Not letting his better half be the sole protagonist in this financial show of support, Jeffrey Katzenberg chipped in with his own donation on April 28, matching his wife’s amount to the exact penny. This charitable act was directed again towards the Biden Victory Fund, further buoying it by $889,600.

Katzenberg’s strong connections spanning years with China’s socialist administration has sparked ongoing conversation. Earlier, Fox News Digital shed light on these ties, indicating a potential issue for President Biden given the prevailing criticisms against China for alleged human rights malpractices.

Furthermore, experts have consistently emphasized on potential risks that China could pose to American national security.

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As per Katzenberg, his professional obligations led him to embark on monthly trips to China during his tenure at DreamWorks Animation.

While serving DreamWorks in 2012, Katzenberg took part in the strategic announcement of a high-value deal with the governing body of China to construct a production house in Shanghai.

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The arrangement effectively augmented the number of American motion pictures that could be released yearly in the Chinese market.

The timing of this deal raised some eyebrows as it coincided with then-Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s meeting with the incumbent U.S President Barack Obama in Washington.

Notably, Biden played an instrumental role in opening the gates of the Chinese markets for Hollywood during his tenure in the Obama administration.

This process involved several meetings between Biden and Xi during the latter’s 2012 visit to the U.S. Incidentally, Katzenberg was a consistent presence in these meet-ups.

Nevertheless, the deal invited scrutiny and an eventual inquiry by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This investigation was targeted towards DreamWorks Animation and various other studios, examining the possibility of infringing upon the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Irrespective of stepping down from his leadership role at DreamWorks in 2016, Katzenberg sustained his professional relations with China.

A notable instance is the popular e-commerce titan of China, Alibaba, which figured as one of the key contributors that fueled Katzenberg’s WndrCo with an impressive $1 billion initial fund. Notably, WndrCo was built to debut a groundbreaking ‘mobile-first’ short-form content initiative titled NewTV.

The Biden campaign, when reached out to for their take on these developments, chose to remain silent. Fox News Digital’s request for a response went unanswered.

It is characteristic for conservatives to appreciate fiscal responsibility and ethical conduct in both private and public sectors. Hence, the timing of these substantial financial contributions, and the involvement of the principal donor in endeavors with questionable implications, may raise concerns.

Political donations are not atypical or inherently objectionable. However, when they nourish agendas that disrupt national security or propagate cultural imperialism, they become subjects of critique from a conservative perspective.

For the conservative reader, it is key to consider the long-standing ties that the main donor, Jeffrey Katzenberg, shares with China’s communist administration.

While it may be commonplace for global corporations to foster international relationships, the depth and breadth of these ties, considering China’s controversial track record, may cause unease.

Delving further into a patriotic stance, the implications of this scenario on national security prove unsettling.

Whereas economic partnerships can be beneficial, it becomes paramount to ensure these partnerships do not compromise the security and sovereignty of our nation, a cornerstone value for conservatives.

In conclusion, American conservatism prizes security, measured interventionism, and strong ethical standards.

Consequently, the tales of political donations tangled with potentially compromising business relationships strike an intriguing yet troubling chord. Ultimately, this instance is a reminder of the need for transparency and integrity in our political and business practices, reflecting core conservative values.


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