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Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Jeopardizes Biden’s Reelection Chances

New Poll Shows Biden’s Actions Lead to a Lack of Trust from the People


President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal might be detrimental to his electoral prospects, claims Marc Theissen, a former White House speechwriter and current Fox News contributor.

In a recent segment on “America Reports,” Theissen highlighted the emotional testimonies of Gold Star families to Congress and suggested that the Afghanistan situation might leave a lasting negative impression on Biden’s presidency.

Theissen argued that while Afghanistan might not be the primary voting issue in 2024, it could serve as a significant referendum on Biden’s leadership.

He pointed to the drop in Biden’s approval ratings post the Afghanistan withdrawal and emphasized that many Americans now perceive him as both dishonest and inept.


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He believes that this perception might be hard to shake off, leading to potential electoral consequences for Biden.

In a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, if the 2024 presidential election were to take place today, Biden and former President Donald Trump would each secure 43% of the votes. The poll also revealed that both Biden and Trump face substantial disapproval rates, with 54% of respondents disapproving of Biden and 55% for Trump.

In terms of party nominations, Trump appears to be leading the GOP primary with 54% support, whereas Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis stands at 17%.

On the Democratic side, Biden has a more substantial lead with 64% support, but many Democratic voters are still looking for an alternative candidate.

Age, job performance, and the desire for a new face were among the top reasons cited for wanting a different candidate than Biden.

Despite facing legal challenges, Trump remains a significant figure within the Republican Party, leading the primary race in a way that’s unprecedented in recent history.

Some experts believe that Trump’s dominant position in the polls could be discouraging for other GOP contenders.

The current Republican primary scenario is unique, given Trump’s substantial lead, his competition with a former vice president, and ongoing legal investigations.


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