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DeSantis: Time for Biden Administration to Address Pro-Hamas Protests

Governor DeSantis Speaks out Against Ivy League Campus Unrest

Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida governor Ron DeSantis responds to a question during a press conference at the headquarters of the former Reedy Creek Improvement District that a newly appointed board now calls the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Monday, April 17, 2023. In an ongoing dispute with Disney Co., DeSantis said Monday that the Florida Legislature will reassert state control over the special taxing district that manages the municipal services of Walt Disney World. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)

Governor Ron DeSantis voices the necessity for intervention from the federal government against student demonstrators advocating for pro-Hamas, which is causing heightened distress at some northeastern universities known for their prestigious Ivy League standing. The Governor emphasized that administrators of the justice and education departments under the Biden administration appeared indifferent towards the escalating antisemitism on university grounds. According to DeSantis, it’s time for these departments to pressurize universities to maintain an environment of respect and tolerance, while reviewing the student visas of those supporting radical organizations such as Hamas.

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As ivy-covered halls of elite institutions including Columbia University have played host to an increased number of pro-Hamas protests, Governor DeSantis expressed grave concerns. Speaking at a recent media event, he unveiled his perspective, saying, ‘In our current system of higher education, especially in the institutions based up north, it seems like the students are the ones controlling the narrative, rather than the other way around.’

He reasoned that the student-led actions are thriving because they do not face any significant challenges or consequences. ‘These student activists are confident that they can continue their approaches without facing penalties. However, let there be consequences for such actions, and you’ll promptly see a shift in their attitude,’ opined DeSantis

He juxtaposed the inaction or negligence of the federal government to combat the negative cycle of hate against the effective measures Florida has implemented across its state-run universities. He highlighted how strong conduct codes have kept the fabric of the educational community strong in Florida, reminding that the right to protest must coexist with others’ rights to a peaceful academic environment.

‘Here in Florida, all our universities adhere to a conduct code,’ the Governor expressed. ‘While the right to voice one’s opinion is upheld, any form of harassment against fellow students based on their faith or ethnic heritage is unacceptable. You cannot single out individuals for attack because of their religious or ethnic backgrounds.’

DeSantis posed an argument stating that if these protestors are international students on educational visas, there should be serious repercussions. He suggested revoking their visas and insisting they return to their home countries. This would ultimately serve as a strong message to dissenters.

Elaborating on his comments regarding consequences, DeSantis said that serious disciplinary action should also be imposed on American scholars. ‘If American students transgress the established code of conduct, they should face expulsion. Implementing stringent actions will eventually result in the necessary change,’ stated the Governor.

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The esteemed Columbia University has been deeply affected in recent times, transitioning all on-campus classes to an online platform in light of the elevated threat induced by these demonstrations. The prestigious institution’s leader, President Minouche Shafik, delivered a nuanced perspective on the situation.

She clarified that the disruptive actions were not orchestrated by Columbia students but instigated by outsiders who ventured onto the campus to promote their own agendas. This stance firmly distinguishes the University and its students from those partaking in the controversial demonstrations,

One of Columbia’s academics, Professor Shai Davidai, expressed a firm stance against the demonstrators at a pro-Israel rally held in Central Park. ‘There are students and faculty members at Columbia University who blatantly appear to be endorsing Hamas,’ he lamented. He also criticized Columbia’s administrative body for not efficiently managing the crisis.

According to Davidai, Columbia’s administration is not actively attempting to control the situation, and is even barring police from gaining access to campus in an attempt to maintain order. He said, ‘Columbia’s authorities are willingly permitting potential disruptors to trespass and concurrently denying the city’s law enforcement the opportunity to intervene.’

Davidai did not spare top city and state officials including New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul. He accused them of being complacent, voicing concerns over the lack of initiative to protect the intellectual sanctuary and its scholars.

He eagerly called out that it was high time for rooting out all forms of extremism. ‘The task of eliminating any support for terror and those who endorse it in America is of paramount importance,’ Davidai concluded.

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