DeSantis FINES Companies that require Vaccine ID

Royal Caribbean’s requirement that all passengers be vaccinated for Covid-19 has had an anchor dropped in its lap.

Following the passage of a bill signed into law by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), companies that request proof of vaccination face a fine of $5000 for each offense. The Florida governor has become the leading figure in combating a slue of political issues ranging from internet censorship and riots to the implementation of draconian vaccine mandates. Jab certification will, however still be required of passengers departing from Seattle for Alaska as Royal Caribbean’s latest test cruises are pending approval.

Florida itself has been enjoying growth since the abolition of covid restrictions, while other states have stagnated and struggled to catch up after suffering severe losses in production.

Royal Caribbean’s sudden reversal on its position serves as proof-positive that its insistence for vaccination did not outweigh its bottom-line. Touting vaccines is just the latest marketing and PR fad that’s taken hold in numerous private and government firms. Were the health and safety of its passengers and staff truly a priority, Royal Caribbean’s might require immunity to other, more fatal illnesses, or challenge the bill in court to no avail. It clear as day now that it only meant to posture.

It is crucial to remember that your individual health decisions are not the business of the companies you shop from.


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