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DeSantis: If Biden’s ‘Too Senile’ To Stand Trial, He Should Be Removed Via 25th Amendment

Comparing Unequal Scrutiny: DeSantis Reveals Double Standards in Media Coverage

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida governor Ron DeSantis responds to a question during a press conference at the headquarters of the former Reedy Creek Improvement District that a newly appointed board now calls the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Monday, April 17, 2023. In an ongoing dispute with Disney Co., DeSantis said Monday that the Florida Legislature will reassert state control over the special taxing district that manages the municipal services of Walt Disney World. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)

In a recent conversation, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, from the Republican Party, expressed strong criticism of President Joe Biden’s handling of confidential state material. Following the completion of his probe, Special Counsel Robert Hur stated in his report that Biden, during his post-vice presidency period as a private citizen, deliberately maintained and revealed classified materials. Nevertheless, the prosecutorial team determined that criminal charges were not needed.

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Analyzing the situation, DeSantis hinted that if it’s true that Biden is deemed ‘too frail’ to be taken into court, then he ought to be deemed unfit to keep the confidential key codes of the United States in his trust. He further implied that, if necessary, procedures in line with the 25th Amendment could be warranted to replace Biden should his mental capacity be proven insufficient.

Further going into details, DeSantis pointed out that Biden’s retention of important documents over a lengthy period reflects a habitual process. ‘This spanned across his tenure as a U.S. senator and vice president, and even after he left office,’ explained DeSantis.

The Florida Governor recalled previous instances, like the case regarding Hillary Clinton, which raised concerns on similar grounds. Clinton, he pointed out, established a private server, threatening the confidentiality of state communications. According to him, her objective was to avoid her communications being subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiries, potentially due to her dealings related to the Clinton Foundation.

In his viewpoint, Biden was an even more deliberate actor due to his consistent pattern of behavior. He maintained that the Special Counsel did definitely gather credible evidence, and had they wanted, they could have pushed for charges against Biden.

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He went onto say that the defense appears to be taking refuge in the argument that the president couldn’t be put on trial due to potential mental incompetence. ‘What a sorry state of affairs for our nation that this is the man in charge of our nuclear codes,’ remarked DeSantis.

Moreover, the governor alleged that the media is providing a safety net to Biden, thereby hindering any substantial exploration into questions of his mental agility. He asserted that the level of scrutiny would have been dramatically different if Biden were part of the Republican Party.

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If a Republican candidate or president demonstrated questionable mental acuity, akin to what is being discussed regarding Biden, the mainstream media would be in an unceasing uproar, asserted DeSantis. He declared that the media is significantly running interference for Biden.

DeSantis questioned the motives behind Biden’s last press conference. ‘Was the debacle intentional? Did his team want him to face such a public display, foreseeing it as a potential catalyst for the Democratic Party to consider other potential leaders?’ proposed DeSantis.

While acknowledging his staunch opposition to Biden since the early days, mainly based on policy disagreements, DeSantis argued that average American voters seem to hold a similar viewpoint. They find most concerning about Biden is his perceived cognitive decline and doubts over his ability to perform his duties dependably.

He asserted, ‘From my observation and interactions with voters, the main complaint they harbor is their perception that Biden’s cognitive prowess has considerably deteriorated and that he doesn’t seem equipped for the job. And tragically, that’s not something you can restore.’

Thus, it was a candid, yet charged commentary by Governor Desantis, questioning not only the ability of a sitting president but also the intent and functioning of the national media. This episode brings into light once more the long-at-play narrative of the partisan divide, especially in the realm of media scrutiny.

Overall, DeSantis, just like many conservative Americans, reflects a deep concern over the state of our nation’s leadership and the safeguarding of critical classified information. The apparent pattern of behavior attributed to the President sparks both ethical and legal questions that, in an ideal democratic setup, need to be tackled head-on and with sincere concern.

While policy differences are expected and form an integral part of a healthy democracy, concerns over cognitive health pose a different set of questions. The capability and mental agility of those holding the country’s highest office must not be a matter of partisan dispute but a shared concern for all those invested in the strength and function of the republic.

DeSantis’s remarks are not just a critique of a political rival, but reflect wider concerns. It’s imperative that all relevant authorities take these concerns into account and push for a transparent, unbiased analysis of the situation, ensuring that governance, integrity, and the nation’s security remain uncompromised.

At the end of the day it boils down to the essential elements of democracy – transparency, accountability and the unshaken faith in the principles that shape this great nation. Let this discourse lead us towards those ideals, reinforcing our enduring respect for the republic and further strengthening the American spirit.

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