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Tomi Lahren Presses DeSantis About Why he Decided to Run this Term

Outkick’s Tomi Lahren Probes DeSantis on His Early Presidential Bid Amid Trump Anticipation


Podcast personality Tomi Lahren of Outkick posed probing questions to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a recent interview, mainly centered around his choice to pursue the White House in an election cycle normally earmarked for Donald Trump.

The timing of DeSantis’s presidential bid has raised eyebrows among fellow conservatives who had anticipated a Trump candidacy in 2024.

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Despite a significant electoral win in the 2022 Governor’s race, wherein DeSantis resecured his hold on Florida by an impressive 20-point lead, some would have preferred he wait until 2028.

Yet, DeSantis expressed conviction in his ability to helm the nation and his readiness to step into the unique challenges such a role presents.

Addressing the conservative base’s support for both Trump and himself, Lahren questioned the governor on the expectancy that he should ‘wait his turn.’

DeSantis forcefully countered this notion, arguing that one’s ‘turn’ does not exist in American politics – a sentiment likely shared by many freedom-loving conservatives.

DeSantis, a veteran whose experiences in Iraq sparked a commitment to serve a cause larger than personal ambition, emphasized the urgency of the 2024 election. His argument, that the race bears such significant implications that ‘there’s no time for sitting back or waiting,’ underscores his perception of the nation’s pressing needs.

The Governor’s strong belief that this race does not accommodate a ‘do-over’, colloquially referred to as a ‘mulligan’ in golf lingo, gave his claim a further sense of immediacy. He made it clear that he was not only ready to compete but felt compelled to do so.

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DeSantis then highlighted his track record as Governor, showcasing his proven ability to outmaneuver Democrats on several key issues.

From his firm stand against strict lockdowns and vocal support for educational freedom to his insistence on strong border control, DeSantis declared victories that resonated with his conservative base.

Laying out his wins, DeSantis demonstrated a comprehensive approach to government. ‘From tackling the issue of ESG to refusing to buckle under pressure to allow biological males to compete in female sports, we didn’t just pay lip service, we delivered,’ he asserted.

He went on to articulate his strong belief that victory on the ballot wasn’t the only objective. Communicating his commitment to action as opposed to hollow promises, DeSantis affirmed his intention to take decisive steps to solve problems rather than merely perpetuating political rhetoric.

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He concluded, ‘I believe I am the right man for the job, and I believe it’s my duty to step up and take it.’ His statement reflected a solid belief that he had more to offer the country than just another political candidacy.

Even though Trump’s popularity still soars high with a nearly 47% support compared to DeSantis’s 24%, no other Republican candidate has managed to garner double-digit backing, reports from The Western Journal suggest. However, DeSantis’s strongly held beliefs, strong track record, and undeniable will to serve may give him an edge should he choose to press on.

The strength of Trump’s popularity was evident during a recent campaign event in Council Bluffs, Iowa. As the previous president arrived, he was greeted with an emotional and enthusiastic welcome, adding to the evidence of his enduring influence.

During his Iowa rally, Trump light-heartedly addressed his legal issues. He claimed that every subpoena he received bolstered his standing, a statement that resonated with his characteristic humor. His following at such events underscored his popularity.

Post rally, the former president opted for some informal interaction at a local Dairy Queen with his followers. Their cheers of ‘We love Trump!’, echoed as he entered, verifying his continued popularity with conservatives.

Amid lighthearted repartee with Dairy Queen staff, handing out ice-cream and acknowledging one fan’s request for his return to presidency, Trump showcased his typical flair. As always, he exuded charisma and charm that won over ordinary Americans.

His surprise appearance at a pizzeria in Fort Myers, Florida in April, where he generously treated all patrons, is further evidence of his grassroot charm. His interaction with voters continues to demonstrate a level of relatability, often lacking in many politicians.


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