Derek Chauvin Sentenced for 22.5 Years

Former police officer, Derek Chauvin, was convicted on Friday of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter for the death of George Floyd.

He will serve up to 22.5 years in jail.

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Hennepin County Judge, Peter Cahill, oversaw the trail and felt the sentence was appropriate as Chauvin “treated Mr. Floyd without respect and denied him the dignity owed to all human beings and which he certainly would have extended to a friend or neighbor.”

Cahill also said Chauvin treated Floyd with a “particular cruelty” as Chauvin appeared indifferent to Floyd’s cries of not being able to breathe.

President Joe Biden weighed in when asked his thoughts on the matter.

“Well I don’t know all of the circumstances that are considered, but it seems to me, under the guidelines that seem to be appropriate,” he said.

Reverend Al Sharpton said, “It is not justice because George Floyd is in a grave tonight even though Chauvin will be in jail. Justice would have been George Floyd never having been killed. Justice would have been the maximum (sentence). We got more than we thought only because we’ve been disappointed before.”

The maximum sentence would’ve meant 40 years in jail under Minnesota law.

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Chauvin’s mother, Carolyn Pawlenty said, “I want this court to know that none of these things are true and that my son is a good man. Derek is a quiet, thoughtful, honorable and selfless man. He has a big heart, and he has always put others before his own. The public will never know the loving and caring man he is, but his family does.”

Derek, I want you to know I have always believed in your innocence, and I will never waiver from that. I have read numerous letters from people around the world that also believe in your innocence,” she told Chauvin directly.

Chauvin never apologized to the members of the Floyd family who were present at the trial, he only offered them his “condolences.”


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