MUST REIVEW: Democrats Won the Midterms using Uniformed Youngsters

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According to exit polls, 63% of voters ages 18 to 29 voted Democrat in the 2022 midterm elections.

It is obvious that most people are converting to the Right, after the Left has destroyed this country. This being said, how are Democrats still able to win?

The answer is obvious, getting uninformed youngsters to vote! As well as sending them a ballot in the mail.

Typically these people don’t really vote, typically they would not go out of their way to place a vote. The Democrats have made it so easy for them to vote (just fill this out and hand it in).

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This is why the democrats didn’t even attempt to debate or talk policy that would help Americans ; they just paid tiktokers to make videos promoting Democrats and demonizing the Right.

These people are mostly first time votes and have no stake in the economy of this country because they are simply kids.

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Democrats have found a winning strategy where their failures as leaders don’t hurt them. Usher in the kids, uninform them and then give them a ballot.

This is sad because we have had Millions of Americans switch parties to the Republican party, but this is just being out numbered by low information votes.

If there was a slight barrier to vote, like going to the polls to vote, democrats would lose by big margins.

This is why we have been seeing endless promotion by celebs, sports figures and MSM to “Go out and Vote”. People who are informed don’t need to be told, people who are uninformed need to be told.

It is funny how this clown thinks that uninformed teens “saved Democracy”, this is literally admitting that your side is a bunch of idiot kids.





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