Democrats Vow To Oppose Biden’s Treasury Nominee

Senate Omarova

As Biden attempts to install a Marxist into an integral economic role, key Democrats have posed opposition. 

The Daily Caller reported, Key Democrat Senators reportedly said they would oppose President Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Democratic Sens. Jon Tester of Montana, Mark Warner of Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Jon Hickenlooper of Colorado and Mark Kelly of Arizona told the White House they would not support Saule Omarova’s nomination to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency according to Axios. 

The Caller claims that without full support from all 50 Democrat Senators, Omarova’s confirmation would be impossible. 

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Omarova is from the Soviet Union where she allegedly received the “Lenin award”. Omarova has on several occasions praised the communist state. 

“The White House continues to strongly support her historic nomination, Saule Omarova is eminently qualified for this position, she has been treated unfairly since her nomination with unacceptable red-baiting from Republicans like it’s the McCarthy era.” a White House official claimed. 

The issue is not “red-baiting.” The issue is that Joe Biden, President of the United States is attempting to allow a communist to make major decisions regarding a capitalist economy. 


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