WATCH: Radical Democrat Suggests for the Removal of the Statue of Liberty

Democratic Irony in Statue of Liberty Display Faces Backlash


Florida Democratic Representative Maxwell Frost faced ridicule online Wednesday for his approach to Republican proposed immigration legislation. Frost proposed that his Republican counterparts consider passing a symbolic bill to dismantle the Statue of Liberty, aligning with what he perceives as their restrictive immigration stance.

During a House Oversight and Accountability Committee discussion on H.R.2, a gathering reinforcing border security aptly named the Secure the Border Act, the congressman’s theatrical move took center stage. This legislation in question, rolled out by the House Republicans, seeks to amend the asylum process for border-crossers and mandates resumed construction of the border wall.

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Newly minted in Congress, Frost was among a host of Democrats standing against the GOP’s proposed law. However, his distinctive act was the fabrication of a satirical legislative text, whose primary objective was to take down the Statue of Liberty, significantly associated with America’s immigration-friendly history.

Addressing the Republican colleagues, Frost said, ‘In truth, immigrants merit more than what your proposal entails. It’s incongruous to welcome immigrants only to later oppose their stay. If you insist on backing the divisive H.R.2, then consider endorsing this bill I’ve designed.’ The mock bill in his hand proposed the removal of the Statue of Liberty, described as a beacon signaling immigrants to venture toward American shores.

Building upon his emotional appeal, Frost went on to say, ‘Your actions attempt to dismantle the very foundations of America. I’m curious to find out which supporting and affirming H.R.2 representative will introduce this bill. If your inclination is to back H.R.2 and these restrictive measures, the minimum expected of you is to not betray the truth.’

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However, Frost’s use of the Statue of Liberty in making his case for immigration reform was dismissed as an ill-guided attempt to equate broad-reaching immigration law changes with a historic statue’s welcoming inscription.

In response to Frost’s provocative move, writer Ryan James Girdusky commented, ‘Democrats seem confused whether they wish to topple statues or use their inscriptions to dictate law.’

The sentiment was echoed by RealClearInvestigations’ senior writer Mark Hemingway, who pointed out, ‘The only party that has shown a proclivity to take down statues in this country is certainly not the Republicans.’

Noting the misplaced assignment of responsibility, Substack writer Jim Treacher stated, ‘Neither Eric Adams nor Brandon Johnson, along with other mayors concerned about immigration issues, are Republicans.’

Expressing his frustration, Doug Powers of Twitchy lamented, ‘Our nation’s slipping into turmoil stands as a testament to people voting for non-adept leaders like this.’

Maryland’s Republican State Senator Justin Ready chipped in, ‘Assuming that to be the case, New York and Chicago should cease their complaints!’

Addressing the immigration law and border enforcement contention, Republican State Leadership Committee’s deputy communications director Mason Di Palma iterated, ‘It is completely possible to support legal immigration while also maintaining a secure border. The notion of choosing one over the other isn’t necessary.’

The left’s comparison of the Statue of Liberty to immigration law isn’t a new concept, often garnering mockery from conservative factions. Especially during President Trump’s tenure, when his administration’s immigration policies were questioned in the lens of the iconic statue’s welcoming inscription.


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