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Democrat Senator Says Any Action to Stop Trump from Winning Should be Encouraged

Senator Coons Voicing Unconventional Perspectives on Trump


Delaware’s Democratic Senator Chris Coons voiced a perspective on Wednesday, suggesting that actions that diminish the possibility of the nation’s erstwhile Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump, regaining his office might be an encouraging sign for Americans.

A somewhat contentious decision, with a slender 4-3 majority, was handed down by the Colorado Supreme Court late Tuesday. This decision was based on their interpretation of the 14th Amendment, raising concerns and provoking outcry in several sections of the community.

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While discussing this topic with Kate Bolduan during a segment on ‘CNN News Central’, Senator Coons reminded viewers of the court proceedings in Colorado. The hearing revolved around unveiling evidence that points to Trump’s involvement in actions that disrupted the law and order of the nation. A somewhat cryptic process, but it did indicate the former President’s engagement with the chaotic episode.

The grave implications of the actions on that unforgettably turbulent day in January last year linger in Coons’s mind too. The Senator was present in the Capitol during the appalling events of January 6th and experienced first hand the enraged mob. This gives him a unique perspective, having literally been at the heart of the storm, which shaped his beliefs about the day’s events.

In fact, the deeply concerning events of that day led to the impeachment trial of the former President, an extraordinary time in US history. The conclusion Coons has drawn from these events seems indisputable in his view – the evidence includes the previous President in the actions that led to the breach of the Capitol. And this, he believes, should be ample reason to disqualify Trump from future federal office.

Let’s take a moment to revisit the 14th Amendment, a piece of legislation ratified back in 1868. Its original intent was to prohibit former Confederate military personnel from occupying positions in Congress – a move to safeguard the nation’s democratic institutions from being infiltrated by those who had rebelled against it in the past.

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In offering a perspective on whether or not Trump’s unfit behavior — be it through a direct assault on the Constitution or inciting masses against it — disqualifies him from office, Senator Coons expressed that the ultimate verdict, be it from the judiciary or the electorate, shouldn’t really matter. The central issue is the fitness of a person to wield the immense power that comes with the presidency.

Coons might well suggest that no matter the method, if it leads to the primary objective — ensuring the unfitness of such a person to continue to wield power — then such action should be encouraged. It’s not an issue about personal vendettas or political rivalries – it’s about safeguarding the sanctity of the nation’s most prominent position from those perceived unfit.

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If there is to be an assessment of that fitness, therefore, any action that removes those deemed unfit from the race to the top is worth supporting. However, it should be noted that this perception is based on the interpretation of a complex mixture of an individual’s political motives, their past conduct, and public sentiment.

In a democracy such as ours, where the people have the ultimate say, voters also have a role to play in discerning fitness for office. This is by no means a responsibility to be taken lightly, especially when it involves the critical decision of selecting a country’s next leader.

And yet, the electorate’s role in determining the fitness of a person to hold office is equally relevant here. If they deem a candidate unfit and ‘throw him out’, as suggested by Coons, that decision is as momentous as any court ruling and holds equally substantial weight.

However, what’s quite intriguing is the latest RealClearPolitics general election poll figure, which shows that Trump is leading Joe Biden by 2.6% from December 4 to December 18. Although one mustn’t confuse popularity with legality or propriety, the figures certainly lend an interesting twist to the narrative.

Nevertheless, it’s worth considering the nature of the democratic process where popularity is an essential factor, but it should not be mistaken for a singular measure of fitness for office. It is essential that both ethical and democratic factors are balanced to select a leader who holds America’s best interests at heart.

The debate surrounding Donald Trump’s eligibility for re-running for president raises broader concerns too. It speaks to the larger concerns regarding all candidates’ fitness for office, their past conduct, their adherence to ethical principles, and the sanctity of the constitutional norms they are expected to uphold.

At the end of the day, the ultimate barometer of a democracy’s health is how it navigates the turbulent waters of such constitutional and ethical dilemmas. Ensuring that elected leaders uphold the principles and values they are expected to embody is of prime importance.

The case of Donald Trump’s potential re-run thus provides an interesting insight into some of the faceted complexities of the democratic system. It is not just about one individual’s fitness for office but also a broader reflection on the democratic principles and processes that the nation steadfastly upholds.


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