WATCH: Democrat Mayor Says Immigration and Crime Rates are Unrelated

Democrat Mayor Takes Stance After Laken Riley Murder by Illegal Migrant

On Wednesday, in Athens, Georgia, Mayor Kelly Darryl Girtz (D) convened a press conference in the wake of the tragic demise of 22-year-old Laken Riley, at the hands of Jose Antonio Ibarra, a 26-year-old suspected illegal alien. Amidst repeated disruptions from protestors calling for heightened measures to guarantee public safety, Mayor Girtz insisted on disconnecting immigration from criminal activity.

Described as a beacon of hope, Riley’s lifeless body was discovered on the University of Georgia’s campus last Thursday.

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A friend of Riley, alarmed by her failure to return from a routine jog around the university’s intramural fields, reported her missing. Law enforcement officials found Riley unresponsive, and despite efforts at resuscitation, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The evident trauma inflicted upon her led investigators to suspect foul play, culminating in the identification of Ibarra as the prime suspect. Subsequent findings revealed that Riley had been mercilessly beaten, suffering catastrophic injuries that gruesomely disfigured her skull, before her body was concealed in a remote location.

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UGA Police Chief Jeffrey L. Clark clarified during the briefing that Ibarra, believed to be Venezuelan, is an undocumented immigrant. He faces numerous charges, including malice murder and kidnapping, as previously documented by the DC Enquirer. Notably, the NYPD had previously detained Ibarra for a separate offense but released him prior to ICE being able to detain him.

The murder has sparked widespread outrage, with community members expressing their dissatisfaction with Mayor Girtz at the press conference. Girtz stated, “The only acceptable number of murders in this community, the number we tirelessly strive towards, is zero.”

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“I urge caution in conflating immigration with crime. The evidence shows no correlation between the two,” Mayor Girtz asserted. He further commented on the ongoing national debate regarding the impact of federal immigration policies on local communities, noting his extensive experience in local government through various federal administrations, all of which, in his view, have failed to reach a consensus on immigration policy.

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