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Hunter Biden Rejects Subpoena and Denies Fathers Involvement at Press Conference

Defiant Hunter Biden Avoids Deposition and Calls for Public Testimony


Wednesday saw Hunter Biden making an appearance on Capitol Hill, but rather than responding to his subpoena and presenting himself for deposition at the House Oversight Committee, he chose to hold a press conference. Proclaiming that his father, President Biden, had no fiscal interest or involvement in his ventures, he reinforced that there was no evidence to support any such claims because they were unfounded.

Rather than adhering to the subpoena that called for his private deposition, Hunter Biden opted for a different route, offering to testify on a public platform. Initially, he was scheduled to appear at a closed-door deposition at 9:30 a.m on the same Wednesday.

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Rescheduling his intention, Hunter Biden then decided to communicate his standpoint via a public announcement on Capitol Hill, making his grievances known. He expressed his displeasure regarding certain individuals who possessed strong ‘MAGA’ political leanings, accusing them of invading his personal space, acting aggressively towards his family and mocking his battle with addiction.

Elaborating further, Hunter Biden declared that his father was in no way financially tangled in his business endeavors. This included his collaboration with Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings and his Chinese investments along with several others based in the U.S.

In his own words, Biden said, ‘There exists no evidence to back claims of my father’s financial participation in my business owing to the simple fact that such an event never occurred.’ Both President Biden and the White House have reiterated on multiple occasions that the president had always been disconnected from business relations with his son.

President Biden consistently maintains that he had never had discussions with his son about his commercial transactions, yet some findings of the House Republicans seem to challenge these proclamations. His son, Hunter Biden, held a firm ground slamming these inherent contradictions in their narrative.

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Hunter Biden showed up on the Hill throwing some serious accusations towards the Chairmen of various House Committees. He criticized the leaders of the House impeachment investigation leveled against President Biden, including House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jim Jordan, from Ohio, and the House Ways & Means Committee Chair, Jason Smith of Missouri.

In his critique, Hunter Biden argued that these Chairmen manipulated evidence and incorrectly represented his personal information. He claimed, ‘Repeated lies about various dimensions of my private and professional life have been fed by the Republicans.’ He expressed concerns that these counterfeit facts are being trusted as truth by many.

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Hunter Biden, while speaking about his father’s affection, remarked that these Republicans have twisted the purity of it into something sinister. ‘They are shamelessly distorting the truth,’ he stated.

He suspected the House Republicans of ‘engaging in unprecedented political meddling.’ Hunter Biden proclaimed, ‘Yet, I’m standing here, prepared to accept your offer…I’ve made my decision,’ he continued. ‘I stood in front of public today to address any valid inquiries the committee might have.’

Hunter Biden further clarified that the Republicans seem hesitant to embrace a public and transparent process where Americans can discern their tactics, demystify their groundless inquiry, or hear my side of the story. I’m here. I’m ready. What is their fear?’ This was Biden’s strong message, addressing their obvious apprehensions.

Following his public statement, Hunter Biden vacated Capitol Hill. This statement was made just after last week’s comments by Comer and Jordan threatening to hold Biden in contempt of Congress if he omitted responding to the subpoena or failed to attend his deposition.

Both Comer and Jordan had previously expressed their intentions to divulge the entire transcript of Hunter’s deposition if he had complied. They had also hinted at scheduling a public hearing to give the son of the president, an opportunity to publicly present his explanation.

Hunter’s decision not to participate comes at a critical moment when the House Republicans are contemplating a vote on a resolution to officially kick start the impeachment inquiry against the president. This story is still unfolding, and important updates to this narrative will be provided as and when they surface.


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