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US Reacts to Iraqi Base Drone Strike After Attack Leaves 3 US Troops Dead

U.S. Retaliates Against Militant Attacks from Iran Linked Facilities


The United States has carried out targeted strikes on facilities associated with Iran-allied militias, following a severe attack earlier this week that wounded three American soldiers. This represents one of the most consequential assaults on U.S. forces within Iraq and Syria, according to both Pentagon and White House sources.

Responding to this critical situation, U.S. forces undertook necessary and well-measured strikes directed toward sites associated with the Iran-aligned Kataib Hezbollah group, the perpetrators behind the assault on Erbil Air Base in Iraq. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin shared these details in an official communication to the daily news agency.

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Despite over 100 asserted attacks on U.S. and coalition installations in Iraq and Syria from October 17 upwards, according to the Associated Press, this incident was the first to inflict harmful injuries on American servicemen. This event might hint at an intensification in regional tensions. President Joe Biden was hastily informed about the serious drone strike early on Monday and called upon the Defense Department for suggestions on how to react against the groups involved.

President Biden went into a detailed and intensive discussing schedule during a Monday afternoon call with the Defense Secretary and members of his national security team. During this crucial conversation, the President ordered strikes against three specific locations that were being used by Kataib Hezbollah and its associated entities for unmanned drone operations. This order came directly from the White House.

These meticulously planned strikes are a reaction to a series of assaults on U.S. personnel stationed in Iraq and Syria by several militias sponsored by Iran. This includes the attack by the Iran-affiliated Kataib Hezbollah and its associates on Erbil Air Base earlier in the day. The primary objective of these retaliatory measures is to disturb and degrade the combat-ready capabilities of the Iran-aligned militant groups directly implicated in these assaults, Austin emphasized.

Neither of the two official statements from the administration expanded on the specifics regarding the targeted facilities or conducted any damage evaluation. Monday’s offensive operation affected three U.S. personnel and left one service member critically wounded, per an official statement. Although prior offensives have injured several dozen servicemen, the Defense Department has categorized such injuries as not life-threatening.

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Facilities owned by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its regional associate militias have been the target of bombardment by U.S. fighter aircraft on three separate instances since the onset of these attacks. The fourth premeditated counteraction was marked by Monday’s strikes, showing an increasing resolve in the U.S. response.

Secretary Austin further affirmed the Administration’s commitment. ‘To be unequivocally clear, the President and I will not falter in taking the appropriate actions needed to shield the United States, our military men and women, and our vested interests. There exists no higher priority. While we are not advocating for the escalation of conflict within this region, we are both dedicated and thoroughly prepared to adopt further essential steps to guarantee the protection of our people and our installations.’

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An alliance of Iran-supported militant entities, functioning under the broad categorization of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq, has issued a warning to target U.S. forces. This is a retaliatory move in response to the American military’s backing of Israel in the ongoing conflict within Gaza. Such developments indicate an ever-tangling web of geopolitical forces at play within the region.


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