Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie Pregnant at Age 20 

Bhad Bhabie Intrigues Fans with Pregnancy Announcement on Instagram

Danielle Bregoli, otherwise known as Bhad Bhabie in the online community and the rap scene, is reportedly expecting a child. The 20-year-old artist, who rose to prominence following a controversial appearance on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show back in 2016, recently intrigued her fans by posting a duo of mirror selfies highlighting her pregnancy on Instagram.

The lyricist, renowned for her tattooed appearance, is seen in the photographs wearing a snugly fitted, white tee, barely concealing her expanding midriff. At the time of writing, Bhad Bhabie’s representatives have been reached out to for further clarification by The Post.

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Bhabie’s Instagram profile, which is sparse in terms of content, features another recent post, a birthday wish addressed to her boyfriend, Le Vaughn, posted on November 11.

While Bhabie has not confirmed if Le Vaughn is the prospective father or detailed her stage of pregnancy, the couple was noticed exiting Porta Via in Beverly Hills the previous day. The news of her expectant state was made public by the rapper herself, marking this as her debut journey into motherhood.

Observers spotted Bhabie initially maintaining a certain degree of discretion when out and about. She was spotted attempting to conceal her face and pregnancy with a handbag while donned in an oversized hoodie. However, she subsequently gave the paparazzi a glimpse of her condition, revealing her pregnancy by unzipping her jacket.

Bhabie, who also holds a stake in the adult entertainment industry with her own OnlyFans page, marked her 20th birthday in a distinctive way – putting on an animated dance performance with her mother, Barbara, at the center stage. Clad in a petite, pink bikini, she enjoyed her special day amidst the summer groove. The artist and boyfriend, Le Vaughn, were later captured exiting Porta Via in Beverly Hills.

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The emerging buzz around her pregnancy has led to renewed interest in her quirky past, notably her mother’s revelation during her famous lap dance. Barbara publicly stated, ‘She didn’t learn this from me because I don’t know how to do it,’ a reminder for those familiar with Bhabie’s journey to fame.

Just five years ago, Danielle, then just a 13-year-old teenager, was facing numerous behavioral issues, prompting her mother to introduce her to a broader audience on ‘Dr. Phil.’ Despite the public labeling her as a rebellious teen, Bhabie leveraged her heightened profile, converting it into a springboard for her successful career transition into the world of music and entertainment.

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Her controversial appearance on the show was not only a spectacle but also a turning point, providing her with an unprecedented opportunity. She seized it, making a complete transformation from a wayward teen to a successful performer and entrepreneur.

As an example of her prosperity, she surprised fans by claiming to have grossed over $50 million through her endeavors on OnlyFans alone, a feat that stands as a testament to her prowess.

Now at 20, Bhabie’s journey from a problematic teen on ‘Dr. Phil’ to a successful woman in her own right has garnered substantial attention. However, in April of last year, she expressed a desire to detach her current success from her past controversy. She wished for people to let go of her past and to recognize her for her present achievements.

In a passionate plea for acknowledgement of her accomplishments, she once exclaimed, ‘Call me the youngest female of the decade to go platinum … Call me some s–t like that! Call me the girl who got a million-dollar makeup deal! The girl who made over $50 million on OnlyFans!’ This assertion underlines her demand for respect for her accomplishments rather than linking her to a past she wishes to leave behind.


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