Dana White Blasts Reporter Over Monoclonal Antibodies, Early COVID Treatments

Dana White recently argued with a reporter about monoclonal antibodies and other COVID-19 treatments.

White tested positive for COVID last year and reached out to Joe Rogan for advice treatment. Rogan, who also had COVID in 2021, has been a big supporter of monoclonal antibodies, vitamin drips and Ivermectin to treat coronavirus.

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After speaking to Rogan and getting treatment, White said he had reduced symptoms around 24 hours after testing positive.

During the UFC Vegas press conference on January 15, White was asked about the new petition signed by doctors, health care workers and scientists.

Titled “An Open Letter to Spotify: A call from the global scientific and medical communities to implement a misinformation policy,” the petition wants Spotify to “establish a clear and public policy to moderate misinformation on its platform”.

It is aimed at Rogan’s “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, which streams exclusively on Spotify. They claim the podcaster spreads “misinformation”, especially about COVID-19.

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The petition claims Rogan “has discouraged vaccination in young people and children, incorrectly claimed that mRNA vaccines are ‘gene therapy,'” and “promoted off-label use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19”.

When asked about the petition, White said “You can’t get monoclonal antibodies to save your life now. It’s one of the craziest things I’ve seen in my life. [Joe Rogan]’s been talking about it, I’ve been talking about it. These aren’t experimental drugs, a guy won a Nobel peace prize for it”.

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A member of the media asked, “Are you a doctor?” White responded, “No. But, I took them and they both worked for me. So, why shouldn’t I be able to take them again? Or other people”.

“Why shouldn’t we be able to take them? You want to know what’s scary? I bet I can get some f**king pain pills quicker than I can get monoclonal antibodies,” he continued. “They f**king hand out pain pills like they’re Tic Tacs”.

“Monoclonal antibodies and Ivermectin isn’t going to do anything to you,” White added. “Pain pills kill you. Fact. And I’m not a doctor, but that’s a fact”.


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