Cuomo Refuses To Rule Out Tax Hikes

Cuomo, Governor of New York who is currently entrenched in scandal may be considering billions in tax hikes. 

“Cuomo, during a press conference Wednesday, rattled off his top priorities in budget talks with the Legislature: legalizing marijuana, improving public safety, COVID-19 reconstruction, green energy expansion and nursing home reform.

But Cuomo — who is battling multiple investigations into his handling of nursing homes, during the pandemic and numerous Sexual Harassment allegations — ignored the elephant in the room: the Legislature’s push to increase taxes by a record $7 billion,” The New York Post reported. 

Cuomo was asked by a reporter about the hikes but refused to rule them out. He deflected the question by bringing up crime. 

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“You want to talk about 250 business leaders saying they’re worried about taxes. You know what that second worry is going to be? Crime, crime,” the governor said swiftly dodging the topic. 

This is the game democrats play. If you ask them a very direct question, they will find some way to change the topic as quickly as possible if the answer would make them look bad. 

“Cuomo himself proposed a $1.5 billion income tax hike on millionaires in his executive budget plan released in January — but that was before knowing how much federal pandemic relief the state would get after President Biden took office.” The post claimed. 

If he were not planning on hiking taxes, the governor would not have danced around the very direct question when asked about it, but he did. Indicating that New Yorkers may see an increase.  


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