Cuban YouTuber Arrested By Government Forces During Live Interview?

Dina Fernandez, a Cuban Youtuber claimed that she was carried away by Cuban security forces during an interview Tuesday. 

The interview was live. Anyone tuned in would have watched as Fernandez was taken into custody by federal forces. This is allegedly the second time security forces have been at her house.

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KITV reported, Fernandez was being interviewed, along with singer Yotuel, by Spanish broadcaster Canal 4 about the unprecedented anti-government protests in which thousands of people took to the streets across the communist-run island on Sunday.

During the conversation, Fernandez interrupted the interview saying “the state’s security forces are here. I have to go,” then handed off her computer to a friend who took it to another room, keeping the camera and microphone on. Male voices can be heard in the background, though it is unclear what they are saying.

Dina returned, and said that she will be going with some men who she claimed were police officers. She noted that the Cuban federal government will be responsible for her location and care. 

“I hold the government responsible for anything that could happen to me. I have to go.” She said. 

American news network CNN contacted the Cuban government asking after her whereabouts. The outlet received no response. 

Allegedly amid anti government protests, over 100 Cubans have been arrested and the number is rising. 

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