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Cruz Foresees Presidential Pardon for Hunter Biden in Late 2024

Cruz Connects Future Presidential Pardon with Hunter Biden’s Legal Strategy

Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz records a podcast during the Turning Point Action Conference, Sunday, July 16, 2023, in West Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Michael Laughlin)

Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, of Texas, anticipates an interesting turn in events surrounding the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, during the final month of 2024. No matter the consequences of the presidential race, Cruz envisions a father’s pardon would be extended towards Hunter Biden, this inference was shared during the latest edition of his ‘Verdict’ podcast.

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Operating in partnership with co-host Ben Ferguson, Cruz analysed the unfolding legal scene around Hunter Biden, who stands his ground of innocence in a Californian federal court against nine counts of purported illicit tax actions. Hunter Biden’s plea of not guilty arrives in the face of significant public scrutiny and legal hurdles heretofore.

Additionally, Hunter Biden is embroiled in federal allegations of firearm misconduct, to which he previously stated his innocence. The future remains uncertain, but what Cruz foresees is a vital variable. He proclaimed, ‘I foresee Joe Biden offering a pardon to Hunter Biden when December 2024 rolls around.’

Cruz explains, ‘Regardless of victory or defeat. Assuming Biden triumphs, his reprieve will be strategically delayed, holding until the moment when Hunter is on the brink of incarceration. Yet, suppose Biden faces defeat. In that case, I estimate a 95% chance that he uses December of this year after suffering a general election loss, to acquit his son, presenting him with an unimpeded path to freedom.’

Cruz subsequently delves into Hunter Biden’s envisaged legal strategy, weaving a narrative of delays and impending pardons. He continues, ‘So, grasp the crux of Hunter’s legal manoeuvring: stall for 11 months without serving time, then it’s almost as if his father rewards him with a pass out of incarceration. This behaviour necessitates the House’s unwavering focus and Hunter’s public inquiry.’

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Turning his attention to a recent episode at a U.S. House hearing, Cruz reflects on Hunter Biden’s exit in the midst of proceedings. Some saw this early departure as an act of non-compliance from the president’s son, who appeared just to demonstrate his nonchalance on the public stage.

As Cruz points out, ‘Hunter Biden didn’t simply enter to flippantly dismiss the Congress. Instead, it was a demonstrative act to the public, an assertion of entitlement that as the President’s son, he could act as he pleased. He’s banking on the fact – that the Biden-led Department of Justice will exhibit restraint in pursuing any legal repercussions.’

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Cruz is quick to note larger patterns of behaviour at play, suggesting a systemic attitude of disregard towards legislative norms. In his words, ‘Such audacious indifference isn’t just a one-off. It’s a recurrent trend touching upon the steps of several others.’

Cruz identifies similarity in behaviours of key figures: ‘The insouciance mirrors the style of Hunter Biden. It’s omnipresent in Anthony Fauci’s demeanor. It’s shared with Merrick Garland’s tactics, and even Alejandro Mayorkas’. This isn’t an incidental occurrence but a method that reflects a broader stance.’

Closing his thoughts, Cruz indicates his assertion is far from limited to these individuals. Instead, he suggests it encompasses more, possibly the very head of state itself, as he concludes, ‘This extends to Joe Biden’s strategy. A characteristic feature emblematic of their administrative style.’

Through these pieces of analysis and prediction, Cruz lays out a scene of anticipation for the way forward in the engagement of the Biden family with legal proceedings and public sentiment.

His expectations paint a picture of a strategical play and dramatic performance, hinging upon the outcomes of the presidential race and its inherent power structures.

Explicitly clarifying his concerns around the bold defiance, seeming systemic in nature, of this administratio, Cruz puts forth a perspective often echoed within certain political circles. It’s this recurring pattern that projects a potential course of threat to long-held democratic tenets.

He manages to articulate disdain for the recurring insouciance in the face of public authorities, as seen across several key figures within the current administration but maintains respect for office.

From the impending presidential elections to the anticipated legal strategies, Cruz invites his audience to reflect upon the accountability of key figures in power, an attempt to hold the mighty accountable.

In conclusion, Cruz’s insights within the Verdict’s podcast cast an anticipatory shadow over Hunter Biden’s adventures and the broader governmental landscape, a pattern recurrently observed in the face of public concerns.

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