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President Biden Under Fire for Lack of Response on Tragic Hawaii Wildfires

Critics Slam Biden’s Response to Hawaiian Wildfires as ‘Embarrassing’


President Biden faced considerable backlash over the weekend when he declined to comment on the tragic increase in casualties caused by the devastating wildfires in Hawaii. Critics wasted no time expressing their disappointment, deeming his response ’embarrassing.’

Even left-leaning MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan acknowledged that Biden’s reported reaction could potentially harm his reputation, referring to it as an ‘unforced error.’ Another journalist, Yashar Ali, described the president’s response as ‘absolutely terrible.’

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The Washington Examiner’s Byron York questioned the absence of a meaningful statement from the president, suggesting that he should have addressed the situation.

Pundits also took aim at Biden’s supposed empathetic nature, with CNN political commentator Scott Jennings commenting on his lack of a response.


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As the death toll continues to rise due to the deadly wildfires in Maui, reaching nearly 100 people, the need for an appropriate reaction becomes even more crucial. Search teams tirelessly work through the ruins, anticipating the numbers to increase further.

When queried about the situation, the White House referred to Hawaii Gov. Josh Green’s positive remarks about the federal government’s rapid response. Governor Green expressed his ‘honored’ feeling at witnessing President Biden’s swift action.

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The White House spokesperson provided further insight, highlighting President Biden’s persistent efforts to address the wildfires in Hawaii. He receives detailed briefings every day, working closely on the matter since its inception.

Over the weekend, the president received two updates from FEMA Administrator Criswell, who personally visited the affected region.

Acting promptly, Biden responded to Hawaii’s request within six hours by signing a Major Disaster Declaration and deploying available federal resources to assist the state. Gov. Green couldn’t emphasize enough the administration’s ‘amazing support for recovery’ and expressed gratitude for the immediate assistance received.

White House officials confirmed that President Biden was briefed on the situation by FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell, ensuring he remains informed and involved. The president subsequently issued an update on Monday morning, expressing solidarity and sympathizing with Hawai’i residents.

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He reiterated his commitment to provide not just prayers but every possible resource to support those affected. Democratic Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono lauded President Biden on CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ acknowledging his dedication in addressing the crisis.

However, some locals expressed frustration with the level of support from the government, echoing the sentiments of Maui resident Cole Millington. Millington highlighted the need for federal assistance, suggesting the involvement of the Navy, Coast Guard, and helicopters in managing the situation.

He described the current situation as individuals like himself and friends driving supplies through dangerous areas in aging vehicles simply to reach those in need. His remarks shed light on the ongoing challenges faced by residents and the urgency for comprehensive aid.

As the devastating wildfires continue to ravage Hawaii, the absence of an immediate comment from President Biden garnered significant criticism. The president’s failure to address the rising death toll left many dissatisfied, questioning his empathy and leadership.

Nevertheless, the White House emphasized the administration’s swift response and their dedication to supporting the state. President Biden’s personal engagement and continuous briefings demonstrate his commitment to the residents of Hawaii during this challenging time.

Critics seized the opportunity to lambast President Biden over the weekend as reporters questioned his reaction to the severe wildfires plaguing Hawaii. His ‘no comment’ response drew sharp criticism from various quarters, with detractors describing it as ’embarrassing’ and ‘absolutely terrible.’

NBC News host Mehdi Hasan, a known supporter of the administration, expressed concern that Biden’s reaction could negatively impact his image and called it an ‘unforced error.’ Journalist Yashar Ali also condemned the president’s response, and others, such as CNN commentator Scott Jennings, highlighted it as another example of Biden’s misjudgment.

The wildfires have taken a heavy toll on the Hawaiian islands, causing devastation and claiming nearly 100 lives thus far, with the grim expectation that the number will rise further. The ongoing search and rescue efforts continue amidst the ruins, as emergency crews work tirelessly.

The president’s refusal to comment on the situation incited public frustration. However, the White House cited Hawaii Governor Josh Green’s positive remarks concerning the federal government’s swift response. Governor Green expressed his ‘honored’ feelings on MSNBC, recounting President Biden’s immediate actions to aid the state.

The White House spokesperson reinforced these sentiments by providing additional details on President Biden’s commitment to addressing the Hawaiian wildfires. From the start, the president has been actively involved, receiving daily briefings and coordinating closely with relevant stakeholders.

FEMA Administrator Criswell personally updated President Biden twice during her visit to the affected region.

Acknowledging the urgency, President Biden wasted no time in responding to Hawaii’s request, declaring a Major Disaster and mobilizing federal resources within a remarkable six-hour time frame. The gesture was warmly welcomed by Governor Green, who expressed immense gratitude for the assistance received thus far.

White House officials confirmed that FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell briefed President Biden about the evolving situation in Hawaii, ensuring he remains updated. In response, the president shared a heartfelt message on Monday morning, expressing empathy and solidarity with the residents.

He pledged unwavering support, emphasizing that all available resources would be deployed to help those impacted. Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono appeared on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ over the weekend, commending President Biden for his dedication in addressing the crisis.

However, dissatisfaction among some locals became apparent, with Maui resident Cole Millington voicing his concerns. He expressed frustration, feeling unsupported by the government, and stressed the need for federal involvement.

Millington called on the Navy, Coast Guard, and helicopters to be deployed, stating that relying on individuals driving supplies through hazardous areas in decades-old trucks is not a viable solution. His remarks shed light on the challenges faced by the community and underscored the necessity for comprehensive aid.

As the devastating wildfires in Hawaii rage on, President Biden’s failure to provide immediate comments drew substantial criticism. Many individuals expressed their disappointment, questioning the president’s empathy and leadership.

Despite the backlash, the White House highlighted their swift response and dedication to supporting Hawaii. President Biden’s involvement and regular briefings prove his commitment to the community during this difficult period.

The recent incident involving President Biden’s non-response to the escalating wildfires in Hawaii caused considerable controversy. Critics promptly attacked the president, with some labeling his reaction as ’embarrassing’ and ‘absolutely terrible.’

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan, a staunch defender of the White House, acknowledged the potential negative impact on Biden’s image and characterized it as an ‘unforced error.’ Journalist Yashar Ali echoed these sentiments, while the Washington Examiner’s Byron York questioned Biden’s silence in light of the situation.

The wildfires that swept through Maui have left nearly 100 people dead, and the search for victims is still ongoing. The urgency of the matter demands immediate attention. The decision not to comment on the tragedy prompted widespread dissatisfaction and raised questions about President Biden’s compassion.

In response to queries, the White House referred to Hawaii Governor Josh Green’s positive statements regarding the federal government’s swift response. The governor expressed gratitude for President Biden’s rapid action and commended the ‘amazing support for recovery’ provided.

The White House spokesperson provided additional details, highlighting President Biden’s commitment to tackling the Hawaiian wildfires. The president is deeply involved, receiving detailed briefings and staying updated on the situation since the beginning.

FEMA Administrator Criswell provided two updates to President Biden while on-site. Within six hours of Hawaii’s request, the president signed a Major Disaster Declaration, unleashing available federal resources to aid the state. Governor Green praised this as ‘amazing support for recovery.’ Senators Hirono and Schatz also expressed gratitude for the immediate assistance provided by federal agencies.

White House officials confirmed that President Biden received a briefing from FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell on the situation in Maui, ensuring he remained well-informed. On Monday morning, the president shared an update expressing solidarity with the people of Hawai’i, emphasizing their mournful loss and assuring them of unwavering support.

Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono praised President Biden’s efforts in addressing the crisis during her appearance on CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’ However, some Hawai’i residents voiced their discontent with the level of support received from the government.

Cole Millington, a Maui resident, stressed the need for federal assistance and more presence from the Navy, Coast Guard, and helicopters during this challenging period.

As the wildfires continue to wreak havoc in Hawai’i, President Biden’s failure to immediately address the situation sparked intense criticism. Many detractors expressed disappointment, raising concerns about the president’s empathy and leadership.

Nonetheless, the White House highlighted the administration’s swift and comprehensive response to support the state. President Biden’s consistent involvement and detailed briefings demonstrate his dedication to the people of Hawai’i during this tragic period.

President Biden found himself at the center of controversy when he declined to comment on the escalating death toll caused by severe wildfires in Hawai’i. Critics swiftly condemned the president’s response, deeming it ’embarrassing.’

Even MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan, known for defending the White House, acknowledged that Biden’s reported statement might hurt his image and referred to it as an ‘unforced error.’ Journalist Yashar Ali echoed this sentiment, adding that Biden’s response was ‘absolutely terrible.’ Washington Examiner’s Byron York remarked on the absence of a meaningful comment from the president.


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