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Cordarrelle Patterson Unfazed by New NFL Kickoff Rule

Cordarrelle Patterson Ready for Another Stellar NFL Season

Cordarrelle Patterson, the Atlanta Falcons special teams standout, is not concerned about the new rule for kickoff returns that allows returners to call for a fair catch anywhere and advance the ball to the 25-yard line. Patterson already sizzled as the NFL’s most prolific kickoff returner and holds the record for nine career kickoff returns for touchdowns.

However, this new rule is raising questions as to whether it will ultimately eliminate the kickoff from the game. Patterson addressed this concern, stating that it won’t affect much of what the team has in place because they plan to be aggressive as per their coach’s expectations. They will still fly around, but they will have to be smart according to the situation.

Patterson’s 29.5-yard career average return ranks third in NFL history, making him one of the most dangerous players. However, the new rule could minimize his edge. Patterson is a veteran of 11 years and knows that adapting to situations is key.

Although his philosophy has always been to take whichever kickoff he receives and attempt to make a big return, he does not rule out calling for a fair catch.


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He highlighted specific situations where calling for a fair catch would be a better option such as when the ball is sky-kicked high to the 10-yard line. In these cases, the team would get possession at the 25-yard line. He believes that each team will adjust accordingly and that everyone will have to smart.

The Falcons selected running back Bijan Robinson as the eighth pick of April’s NFL draft, bringing changes to Patterson’s role. Tyler Allgeier took over after Patterson’s knee injury and rushed for 1,035 yards as a rookie last season.

It appears as though Patterson’s snaps from the backfield will be limited. However, Patterson is one of the NFL’s most versatile players; he played as a traditional running back last season but primarily as a wide receiver before that. Falcons coach Arthur Smith has plenty of options when it comes to crafting a role for Patterson.

As an 11th-year veteran, Patterson is not worried about changes in the game. He knows that the rules exist to make the game safer. Patterson has proven himself as someone who can adapt quickly and handle changes well, distinguishing him from others who might struggle with adjusting to new conditions.

He will see what happens and plans to do his best to adapt to whatever the team needs. When Patterson first joined the league in 2013 with the Minnesota Vikings, he made a name for himself in his rookie year by returning a kickoff 109 yards for the longest touchdown in NFL history. Reminded about it, Patterson nodded and said it was called being hungry.

Bad news, punters: Cordarrelle Patterson ain’t going nowhere. Rather than being taken down by the fair catch rule or changes to his playing position, Patterson is gearing up for yet another stellar season. Atlanta Falcons simply cannot do without him.

Patterson has made sure that the coaching staff knows that he’s the man for the job. His reliability and versatility are testament to his abilities.

Furthermore, the special teams coordinator is looking to improve Patterson’s game even further. His height and athleticism present excellent opportunities for even more creative plays.

Patterson is known for playing extremely well in tough situations, so the coaching staff is confident that he will continue to make the right decisions on the field. His experience and maturity are essential to his success.

Patterson is a jack of all trades, which is why he is so essential to the Falcons, especially on special teams. He provides security and can adjust to changes quickly, which has made him an invaluable player over his career.

Despite the fact that new rules could alter his game, Patterson’s sheer athleticism and determination means he has no intention of letting these rules affect the way he plays. He has a clear understanding of the rules, not only those involving kickoffs, and that allows him to react quickly and make crucial plays.

Patterson is ready to take the field when the new season starts. He’s been honing his skills and adapting to the new rules, and he plans to continue doing so.

When asked how he has stayed relevant after all these years in the league, he simply said, “I just go out there and continue to be me. I am Cordarrelle Patterson, and no one can change that. I play the game I was brought into the league to play.”

Patterson is a name that both fans and critics recognize. He’s not just another average player; he’s someone who truly stands out from the crowd.

Fans admire Patterson both for his impressive physical abilities and his off-field work. He’s become a role model for many with his devotion to his craft, perseverance, and leadership.

The work he’s done off the field is just as impressive; for example, he established the “84 Foundation” with his friend, Sammy Watkins, to support kids in their hometowns. Patterson is a man with many talents, and he uses them on and off the field.

Patterson is not looking to retire anytime soon. In fact, he is quite the opposite; he is looking forward to the new season and continuing to make plays that make a difference in the game.

His intensity and passion for football are part of what make him a reliable player, and his dedication has earned him a place in people’s hearts and minds. His career highlights just how much he has contributed to the sport he loves.

Many athletes struggle with retirement, but not Patterson. He has said that he will continue to be involved in football in some capacity, whether as a coach or a commentator. His love for the sport extends beyond just playing, and he wants to remain a part of the community that has given him so much.

Patterson is more than just a football player; he is also a businessman. He recently launched his clothing line, CP88. The clothing line doesn’t just target sports enthusiasts but everyone who wants to wear designer clothing.

Patterson is aware that he is a role model and aims to make a difference. Not only is he making a difference on the field, but he is also making a difference off it.

He has shown time and time again that he is committed to giving back, both to the sport and the community. His foundation is one of the most effective and respected in the league and helps children reach their full potential as athletes and human beings.

Patterson has faced many challenges throughout his career, but he has never given up. He has worked hard to maintain his fitness, adapt to new rules, and find his niche in the game.

Patterson is not just an inspirational player; he’s a role model both off and on the field. His grit and determination to keep pushing himself are qualities that everyone can learn from.

In conclusion, the NFL and Cordarrelle Patterson are set to face new challenges in the upcoming season. The new rules might be designed to make the game safer, but they will also force new adaptations. However, Patterson is ready for whatever comes his way.

He is one of the league’s most promising players, both in terms of his on-field performance and his off-field work. With his experience, versatility, and determination, Patterson is one of the best in the league. He has proven this over and over again and is set to continue to do so.


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