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Conservatives Slam New York City Mayor’s Plan to Combat Shoplifting

New York City Mayor’s Crime Plan Draws Criticism from Conservatives

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has proposed a plan to combat shoplifting and crime at retail stores throughout the city. However, his plan has been met with criticism from conservatives on social media. Many have ridiculed the Democrat mayor’s plan, which includes providing “De-escalation training for retail employees,” and putting kiosks in stores that connect “would-be thieves” to social service. They consider it a soft and unrealistic approach that fails to address the root cause of the problem.

According to the plan, first-time offenders will be given intervention programs instead of prosecution, and retail employees will receive de-escalation training. Additionally, neighborhood retail watch groups will be established to share theft information, and kiosks will be installed in stores to connect potential thieves with social service programs. The plan has been slammed by conservatives on social media, who believe it will make the city more dangerous.

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Conservative Twitter influencer @AGHamiltion29 shared a screenshot of the Fox affiliate’s outline of the mayor’s proposal on Friday. AG trashed the plan, simply declaring, “These are not serious people.” Others on the platform shared the user’s sentiment. Some called it a glorified version of the defund the police initiative. Criticizing the plan, journalist Stephen L. Miller tweeted, “Anything but police is still Defunding the police.”

Breitbart News columnist AWR Hawkins torched the first point of the plan, writing, “The very first part of this Democrat Mayor’s response to soaring shoplifting losses in NYC is to lessen punishment for first-time shoplifters.” The plan’s emphasis on intervention programs for first-time offenders has been called misguided. Conservatives believe that providing leniency for these offenders risks encouraging greater criminal behavior.

Conservative social media users also mocked the idea of de-escalation training for retail employees. Some have called it too idealistic and unrealistic. Author Saul Montes-Bradley tweeted “This plan does nothing to stop crime. In other words…bend over and take it like a champ. This is madness.” The mockery reflects the conservative belief that de-escalation training is a naïve approach that is unlikely to deter hardened criminals.

Others have criticized Adam’s plan for its focus on social services. Many believe that the kiosks intended to connect potential thieves with social service programs will end up being stolen themselves, highlighting the plan’s impracticality. Communications special advisor for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Steve Guest observed, “These kiosks will be stolen first.” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton condemned the plan, tweeting, “Almost a parody of the Soros-approach to public safety. Unfortunately, this is a standard, dangerous approach for the leftist extremists running our major cities.”

Critics of the plan have also cited New York City’s rising crime rates. They believe that a soft approach is inappropriate for a city plagued by violent crime. Conservatives see the plan as evidence of the Democrat mayor’s reluctance to address crime head-on. Reporter Jonas Campbell asked, “Why don’t they put a time-out corner in the store too?” Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong did not mince words when he tweeted, “New York City is run by morons.”

Conservatives believe they have identified an inherent contradiction in the plan. On the one hand, it seems to offer leniency to first-time offenders by providing intervention programs. On the other hand, the plan aims to deter crime by placing kiosks in stores to connect potential thieves with social services. Critics suggest that these two aims are incompatible and may exacerbate the problem.

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Critics of Adam’s plan argue that it fails to recognize the importance of punishment in preventing crime. They suggest that a more punitive approach may be needed to deter habitual offenders. Some have also argued that providing social services to thieves is a misguided attempt to address the root causes of crime. They point out that many people living in poverty and distress do not turn to crime and that the focus should be on addressing the reasons why some people do.

Conservatives have also taken issue with how the plan will affect retail employees. They argue that de-escalation training will place retail workers in harm’s way. They suggest that employees’ safety should be the top priority, and that the focus should be on strengthening law and order rather than training workers to deal with unruly customers.

There are further concerns that the plan does not offer support for small businesses struggling to recover from the pandemic. Critics suggest that the plan is another example of the Democrat party’s misguided approach to economic recovery. They believe that a focus on law and order is needed to protect businesses and promote economic growth.

The conservative reaction to Adam’s plan has been overwhelmingly negative. Many believe that it is a misguided attempt by the Democrat mayor to address crime. Critics argue that a soft approach is inappropriate for a city struggling with violent crime. They suggest that a more punitive approach may be needed to deter habitual offenders.

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Some critics suggest that the plan underestimates the importance of punishment in preventing crime. They argue that providing intervention programs to first-time offenders may encourage greater criminal behavior. Others have suggested that the focus should be on strengthening law and order and ensuring the safety of retail employees.

Critics also highlight the plan’s lack of support for small businesses. Many believe that a focus on law and order is crucial for promoting economic growth. They argue that the emphasis on social service programs for potential thieves misses the mark when it comes to addressing the root causes of crime.

The criticism of Adam’s plan reflects a growing sentiment among conservatives that the Democrat party is out of touch with the needs of small businesses and working-class Americans. Critics believe that a focus on law and order is essential for promoting economic growth and keeping communities safe. Anything less than a robust approach to crime will be seen as a failure in the eyes of conservatives.

In conclusion, while Adam’s plan to combat crime and shoplifting has been met with criticism from conservatives, there are those who believe in its approach. The emphasis on social service programs and intervention for first-time offenders represents a new way of approaching crime in the city. Only time will tell if Adam’s plan will be successful in lowering the crime rate in New York City


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