Marjorie Taylor Greene Highlights ‘Communist-like’ Behavior in Democrats

Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts ‘Overreach’ in Democratic Party politics


On Monday, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t hold back during a discussion on Fox Business Network, vividly painting her thoughts on some significant figures of the Democratic Party. The outspoken congressman from Georgia was drawn into the conversation on updates stating that terms like ‘MAGA’ and ‘Trump’ were utilized in perusing private bank transactions by the U.S. Treasury Department under President Joe Biden’s administration and Secretary Janet Yellen’s lead.

‘The Democrats are displaying a behavior akin to Communist regimes,’ MTG started, in a sharp critique of what she perceives as misuse of power. She vehemently stated her belief that these powers have been used to scrutinize and limit the freedoms of American citizens in various ways.

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She went on to discuss the perceived censorship of certain public voices and what seemed like a targeted removal of key figures from social media platforms. To her, this is an example of the overreach and misuse of power for solely political gain.

MTG also expressed disappointment in several Republicans who sided with Democrats in a recent vote against the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This was due to his unwillingness to take stronger measures in enforcing immigration and border security regulations.

For over a year now, Mayorkas’s stance on immigration and his perceived lack of decisive action in dealing with record-breaking numbers of migrants crossing illegally into U.S. territory has been a significant point of contention for Greene.

Adding to this, she voiced her concerns over the rise in smuggling of dangerous illicit substances, such as fentanyl, across the border. She deems this a reflection of a failing immigration policy.

A remarkable figure that Greene presented is that an estimated 10 million individuals have entered the U.S. during the current administration’s time in power, with Mr. Mayorkas at the helm of DHS.

As the person most directly responsible for the said situation, Secretary Mayorkas was last week accused by MTG of repeatedly providing false information to Congress in regard to the ongoing border crisis.

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Among the allegations she made, she claimed that approximately 10 million illegal border-crossers from over 160 countries have infiltrated the United States since President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas assumed their positions. Additionally, she expressed her belief that Mayorkas has been failing in his task of leading the 260,000 DHS employees.

An alarming point Greene highlighted is the category of individuals the DHS labels as ‘special interest aliens’. These are persons classified based on their travel patterns which might raise suspicion and pose potential threats to national security. Around 73,000 immigrants caught at the border since 2021 fall into this category.

Turning to the financial impact, Greene lamented that the surge in migrants cost local governments over $115 billion last year. Simultaneously, the national government’s spending to manage this inflow surpassed $182 billion.

Greene firmly believes that these enormous financial burdens are due to Secretary Mayorkas’s inefficient performance. She labeled it as a struggle for American taxpayers, given the sheer scale of the monetary outlay.

Analysing Mayorkas’s approach more closely, MTG raised concerns about his alleged violations of various federal mandates and laws. These, she said, include the Secure Fence Act of 2006, as well as the Immigration and Nationality Act due to the controversial catch-and-release policies.

MTG’s main grievance, however, lies in how Mayorkas has defended his job performance. She pointed out over 20 occasions where he insisted on the border’s security, despite evidence implying otherwise.

Mayorkas’s consistent denial to acknowledge a breach in border security, even when directly asked by various congressmen, including Peter Doocy, (August) Pfluger, and Michael Guest, remains a point of major contention for Greene.

In conclusion, Greene’s critique of Mayorkas centers around his inefficiency in managing the border crisis and maintaining national security. His responses to questions about the severity of the situation, she has argued, are at odds with the reality faced by those at the front line of border control.

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