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Biden Dog Commander Consistently Threatens Secret Service Personnel

Security Threats Blossom In The Form Of Biden Family Dog

A set of recently disclosed mail interactions between members of the Secret Service sketch a rather startling picture of the first family’s German Shepard, Commander. In the course of these correspondences, it was repeatedly mentioned that the dog displayed much more hostility toward security personnel than initially perceived. According to the details released by the Washington Examiner, these episodes consist of recurrent instances of hostility from the dog, including snipping and lunging actions.

The dissemination of these email exchanges was facilitated by the government oversight body, Judicial Watch. A particularly alarming revelation made in one of these emails was an instance when Commander lunged at the throat of a Secret Service agent who was in the process of opening the residency door of the White House for First Lady Jill Biden. It was recounted that the family dog jumped on the agent, biting him on his left chest and resulting in minor lacerations and a torn shirt, a snapshot of which was included in the email narration.

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Judicial Watch’s document acquisition from various sources offered a closer look into these worrying occurrences. It turns out Commander had reportedly exhibited aggressive behavior to security details at almost all of the residences and holiday retreats the Bidens had visited, including the renowned Camp David. All these incidents have sparked serious safety concerns for the personnel involved.

‘This sheer irresponsibility on part of the Bidens is quite concerning when considering the potential danger these actions pose on the lives of the Security Service and White House staff,’ voiced out Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Fitton further highlighted the broader implications of these dog attack files on both President Biden and the Secret Service.

Fitton continued, ‘This is an unusual kind of madness and mismanagement where a President and First lady let their dog continually assault personnel on duty at the White House or Secret Service. This raises serious questions.’ After the continued episodes, Commander has since been transferred from the Bidens and is now being looked after by some acquaintances of the first couple.

The reported incidents involving this family pet are not without precedent. Analysis of earlier reports unveils a similar pattern of events. In July 2023, The Western Journal reported that President Joe Biden’s pet had reportedly bitten seven individuals within a span of four months during the previous year, necessitating one Secret Service officer’s hospitalization.

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Comparisons were drawn to Major, another past first family dog who was relocated from the White House following multiple episodes of belligerent conduct. The New York Post published a detailed report on the matter, underscoring the unusual number of incidents involving Commander that were previously undisclosed.

It was reported by the news outlet that the dog’s behavior closely resembled that of Major, who was earlier said to have been relocated to the home of family friends following an array of similar instances involving bites to many Secret Service members in 2021. A particularly grave incident involved Commander biting a Secret Service officer, resulting in treatment at a local hospital. This incident had been revealed through a series of confidential mail interactions, which had been presented to the conservative legal organization Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act.

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A series of incidents followed. In one such incident, Commander bit another Secret Service member on the hand and arm after the President had let him out post a family movie night at the White House. In a subsequent month, the German Shepard bit a security technician while at Biden’s Delaware residence in Wilmington.

There is speculation that the officially documented attacks from September 2022 to January may not be comprehensive in terms of accounting for Commander’s conduct. Particularly because there are time gaps in record keeping, not including his initial nine-month tenure at the White House or facts from the latest six-month period.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, in his comments to The Post, reiterated the broader questions about President Biden and the Secret Service that have been brought forth by this troubling situation with Commander. ‘This is a peculiar form of anarchism and misconduct when a president allows his canine to repeatedly attack and bite White House and Secret Service personnel,’ Fitton pointed out.

Further, Fitton added a critique of the Secret Service’s protective measures, remarking, ‘In place of safeguarding its staff, the Secret Service seemed to be unlawfully concealing documents about its agents and officers being subjected to such treatment by the Biden household.’

Interestingly, the President has previously expressed reservations about the veracity of a Secret Service personnel’s claim of being bitten on the leg by Major, another German Shepard owned by him. However, off-the-record conversations among agents shed light on a more concerning narrative about the behavior of the Biden family dogs.

All these accounts generate alarming insight into the Biden household and their pets’ behavior. The potential ramifications on staff security and overall operations have drawn significant scrutiny, spawning bigger questions about high-level stewardship and management.

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