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Comer and Jordan to Issue New Subpoena for Hunter Biden as Deposition Talks Resume

No Family Exemption: GOP Committees Pursue Contempt Charges Against Hunter Biden


It has been announced that two prominent House committees in the Republican majority are prepared to issue fresh subpoenas to Hunter Biden, the presidential son. This decision comes in response to his failure to respond to prior ones served in mid-December.

The declarations were made public by Jim Jordan, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee hailing from Ohio and, James Comer, Chair of the House Oversight Committee from Kentucky. The two leaders have expressed their intention to follow through with this step after coming to terms with Abby Lowell, Hunter Biden’s counsel, who signified his client’s willingness to provide a private statement.

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This development follows in the wake of Republican steered House Judiciary and House Oversight committees’ decision on Wednesday. They gave the nod to resolutions proposing that Hunter Biden, son of the current president, be held accountable for his disregard for previous congressional directives. ABC further reports that this contempt of Congress allegation is expected to move to the full House where it is anticipated that the GOP’s key figures will present it for official voting at an unspecified later date.

Previously, a hearing by the Oversight Committee ended in quite a debacle with members of the Republican and Democratic factions clashing extensively once Hunter Biden was spotted in the gallery. The event was initiated by Chairman Comer who set out the Republicans’ rationale for holding Hunter Biden accountable for disregarding a subpoena that was issued last month for private deposition.

In his discourse, Chairman Comer made clear that the thorough investigation conducted had unveiled substantial proof hinting that President Biden was not just aware of, but actively involved in magnifying the worth of the Biden name. This resulted in a hefty financial gain for the family. Hunted Biden as a key figure was expected to face interrogation on this topic during the private deposition. His outright refusal to obey two legal subpoenas has made things difficult.

Comer went on to say that Hunter Biden’s conscious defiance of the committees’ subpoenas is blatant contempt of Congress. As such, it requires serious attention from the pertinent U.S. Attorney’s Office for the possibility of prosecution. The point was stressed that no special treatment will be accorded solely because of the Biden name.

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Comer further asserted that the principle of equality before the law must be upheld, and that applies to the Bidens as well. But the course of the hearing took an unexpected turn when Rep. Nancy Mace from North Carolina was acknowledged to put forth her argument just after Hunter Biden was sighted in the gallery.

Mace kicked things off with her first question addressing the reason behind Hunter Biden’s sudden appearance. She followed it with another question, where she declared Hunter Biden as the epitome of white privilege, contemptuously seeking to undermine the Oversight Committee by ignoring a congressional deposition directive. Mace challenged him by questioning what exactly he was apprehensive of and further accused him of lacking courage.

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Right after her speech, an unidentified Democrat started to interject. This prompted Chairman Comer to make use of the gavel in his attempt to bring the House back into order. Mace continued her argument with the Democrat while the session experienced a slight turmoil.

In a determined ending flourish, Mace proposed that Hunter Biden ought to be incarcerated on the spot, explaining the nation’s foundation in the rule of law which should apply to him just like everyone else. Her stance remained clear; it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or who your father is – you, including Hunter Biden, are not superior to the law.

She nudged the presidential son, questioning his motives and fear around attending a congressional deposition. She accused him of being present merely for a politically motivated stunt, and playing games with the heart and soul of American people and truth itself. Hunter Biden exited the hearing soon after this exchange.

Additionally, last week had Jim Jordan warning that Hunter Biden might be looking at prison time for his continuous disregard for congressional subpoenas. He further expounded his views in an interview segment with Maria Bartiromo during Fox News’ ‘Sunday Morning Futures’.

Jordan shared his thoughts on the penalties Biden may face for not obeying the subpoena as the House, led by the Republicans, continues its investigation related to impeachment of President Joe Biden.

Jordan concluded by stating that once the contempt of Congress is passed from committee to the full House, which he believes is a possible outcome, it then rests in the hands of the Justice Department. Whether charges are pressed or not ultimately falls under the umbrella of the attorney general’s authority.

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