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Hunter Biden’s Prosecutor Lesley Wolf Under the Gun for Alleged Interference

Probe Into Hunter Biden’s Affairs Marred by Politics? The Narrative Continues


A senior litigation lawyer involved in probing Hunter Biden’s affairs has recently come under fire, spurred by claims she curtailed inquisitive pursuits concerning President Biden, and impeded authorization of search warrants concerned about conceivable public misperception during the lengthy inquiry.

Lesley Wolf, an Assistant U.S. Attorney, now finds herself under increasing pressure following public declarations by IRS officers who participated in the Hunter Biden investigation, asserting that the probe was unfairly colored by political considerations.

Witness Gary Shapley Jr., taking charge of the IRS arm of the investigation, noted that the probe into the President’s son was invariably clouded by rulings that ‘seemed to favor Hunter’s interests.’

Shapley, burdened by disconcerting allegations, directed his criticism towards Wolf, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the rightful integrity of the protracted investigation.


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Shapley goes on record stating that Wolf ‘constrained’ inquiries linking President Biden, inclusive of references tagging him as ‘dad’ or ‘the big guy.’ To Shapley, it seemed Wolf dismissed the alleged relevance of questions pertaining to the President, a stance that wound up ‘ruffling the feathers of the FBI.’

In the fall of 2020, Wolf was tasked with the review of an affidavit for a search warrant tied to Hunter Biden’s abode, finding reasonable cause to move forward according to Shapley’s testimony.

Yet, in a surprising pivot, Shapley suggests that Wolf rebuffed any proposal of physically serving a search warrant on Hunter’s property.

Despite acknowledging ‘sufficient grounds for the materialized search warrant,’ Wolf, as reported by Shapley, opted to counter. The query she posed was whether the results would justify the potential backlash. The influence of ‘public perception was a consequential determinant in deciding the execution of a search warrant,’ was the impression Shapley got.

Shapley continues, noting that Wolf conceded much of the potential evidence they were seeking ‘could conceivably be found in the guest house of the former Vice President, but declared any approval for such a move as off the table.’

Disturbingly, Wolf is also accused of giving Hunter Biden’s legal counsel a heads up before a planned search of his storage faculties was to take place.

The recent spate of allegations has spurred key congressional leaders into action, seeking clarification from the Justice Department about Wolf’s prosecutorial maneuvers. The Department of Justice, on its end, persistently rejects claims that the decisions related to Hunter Biden’s probe were politically biased.

The House Judiciary Committee has formally extended an invitation to Wolf, hoping to account her side of the story in a transcribed discourse regarding its monitoring investigation into the DOJ’s management of the Hunter Biden issue. That same committee awaits the response of David Weiss, U.S. Attorney for Delaware handling the investigation concerning the younger Biden.

Wolf’s confirmation to attend the transcribing interview hasn’t been announced. Meanwhile, in another chamber of the Congress, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has publicly revealed that Wolf had convened a briefing in relation to a vital FBI record that annotates claims of a criminal sting involving Joe Biden when he was Vice President.

The documented record, known as an FBI FD-1023 form, was officially dated on June 30, 2020. It provides a summary of the FBI’s interaction with an ‘extremely reliable’ informant describing numerous liaisons and dialogues with a high-ranking executive of Burisma Holdings, a notable Ukrainian natural gas firm, over many years beginning 2015.

Sen. Grassley has now expedited his demand for clear responses as to whether Wolf interfered with any investigative activities concerning the FD-1023 form. This considering her alleged efforts to thwart relevant queries about President Biden throughout the investigation’s entirety.

In a recent press release, the Justice Department stated that the President’s son had concurred on a plea deal likely to save him a prison sentence.

A forthcoming admission of guilt is anticipated from Hunter for two misdemeanor counts of deliberate avoidance of paying federal income tax, and a further charge of firearms possession by an individual unlawfully consuming or dependent on controlled substances.

Hunter is slated to make his opening court appearance on July 26. The federal inquest into Hunter’s actions and decisions kicked off as early as 2018.

Given the consequential nature of the investigation into the conduct of the son of the President, along with the controversial accusations that have surfaced, it is imperative for all parties involved to assert their commitment to transparency and fair process in the purview of the public interest.

Alongside the stakes involved in the Justice Department’s processing of the case, it’s essential that the process remains demonstrably impartial, ensuring the delivery of justice irrespective of political associations or the prominence of those implicated.


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