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Cleveland Browns Sign Kareem Hunt as Backup to Injured Nick Chubb

Kareem Hunt Returns to Cleveland Browns on One-Year Contract

The Cleveland Browns wasted no time in bolstering their running back group by bringing back a familiar player to fill in for the injured Nick Chubb. On Wednesday, the team announced that they are signing Kareem Hunt, following his successful workout earlier this week.

According to NFL Media, Hunt’s contract is for one year and can be worth up to $4 million. Additionally, the Browns officially placed Chubb on injured reserve, officially ending his season.

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Hunt, who had been a free agent prior to the season, had previously played with the Browns for the past four seasons. However, Cleveland decided not to re-sign him during the offseason.

As the second-leading rusher in the NFL, Hunt had formed a formidable running back duo with Chubb during their time together in Cleveland. Last season, Hunt rushed for 468 yards and scored three touchdowns, averaging 3.8 yards per carry.

In the absence of Chubb during Monday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jerome Ford stepped up and performed well, rushing for 106 yards on 6.6 yards per carry.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski acknowledged Ford’s performance and announced that he would be their featured back moving forward. However, the team was still considering their options for additional support.

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It now appears that the Browns have settled on Hunt as their preferred option. Hunt is already familiar with the Browns’ offensive system and will be able to contribute immediately. Throughout his time in Cleveland, Hunt has amassed an impressive total of 1,874 rushing yards and 16 rushing touchdowns, along with 973 receiving yards and four receiving touchdowns.

Before joining the Browns, Hunt had a successful stint with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2017 to 2018, gaining 2,151 yards on the ground and scoring 15 rushing touchdowns, while also adding 833 receiving yards and 10 receiving touchdowns.

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However, Hunt’s career took a significant turn in December of 2018 when a video surfaced showing him involved in a physical altercation with a woman, resulting in his release from the Chiefs.

Despite his past, the Browns decided to give Hunt a second chance in 2019, and he has been making the most of it ever since.

The decision to sign Hunt comes after the Browns suffered a major blow with Chubb’s season-ending knee injury. Chubb’s absence will undoubtedly be felt, as he is an exceptional player who cannot be replaced easily.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski acknowledged this fact, stating that it takes a collective effort from the entire team to compensate for the loss of a player of Chubb’s caliber. While Hunt will assume the role of the second running back once again, the team will explore other options to further strengthen their running back corps.

With the signing of Hunt, the Browns hope to maintain a powerful running game and continue their success on the ground. Hunt’s familiarity with the team and their offensive scheme will be instrumental in his seamless integration into the lineup.

As the Browns embark on the remainder of the season, they will heavily rely on Hunt’s ability to contribute effectively and make significant contributions to the team’s performance.

The Browns’ decision to bring back Hunt demonstrates their willingness to support players who have made mistakes in the past but have shown remorse and a commitment to personal growth.

By giving Hunt a second chance, they are sending a message about the importance of redemption and rehabilitation. Hunt’s presence on the team serves as a reminder that individuals can learn from their mistakes and work towards becoming better versions of themselves.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge the gravity of Hunt’s actions and condemn any form of violence. The incident that led to his release from the Chiefs was deeply troubling and should never be tolerated.

The NFL has taken steps to address issues of domestic violence and player conduct, emphasizing the need for accountability and consequences for such behavior.

As the Browns move forward with Hunt as part of their roster, the team and its fans hope for continued growth and maturity from the talented running back.

Hunt’s football skills alone are not enough to secure his future in the league; he must also demonstrate a commitment to personal improvement and character development. By embodying these principles and showing genuine remorse, Hunt can serve as a positive example for others facing similar challenges.

The re-signing of Hunt also raises questions about player evaluation and decision-making within the Cleveland organization. Given the circumstances surrounding Hunt’s departure during the offseason, some may wonder if the team made the right choice in letting him go initially.

However, it is important to consider that organizations often face challenging decisions regarding player conduct and character concerns, weighing the balance between talent and off-field issues.

Moving forward, the Browns will continue to navigate the complex landscape of player personnel decisions with the goal of building a successful and ethical team.

The addition of Hunt brings both potential and challenges to the team, and it is essential for the Browns to establish clear guidelines and support systems to ensure the well-being of all their players.

By fostering a culture of accountability and providing resources for personal growth, the organization can create an environment where players have the opportunity to thrive both on and off the field.

In conclusion, the Cleveland Browns have made the decision to re-sign Kareem Hunt following Nick Chubb’s season-ending injury. This move aims to fill the void left by Chubb’s absence and maintain a formidable running back duo alongside Jerome Ford.

The decision to bring back Hunt reflects the team’s belief in second chances and the potential for personal growth. While acknowledging Hunt’s past mistakes, it is crucial to condemn any form of violence and emphasize the importance of accountability.


The success of this signing will ultimately be determined by Hunt’s commitment to self-improvement and the organization’s ability to provide the necessary support and guidance.

As the Browns move forward with their revised running back room, they will undoubtedly face challenges and scrutiny. The team’s ability to navigate these obstacles will ultimately shape their future success.

The Browns have an opportunity to demonstrate the significance of redemption and rehabilitation, both for Hunt as an individual and for the organization as a whole. By making the most of this second chance, Hunt can serve as an example of personal growth and resilience.

With the signing of Kareem Hunt, the Cleveland Browns have added a valuable asset to their roster. Hunt’s knowledge of the team’s offensive system and his previous experience with the organization make him a seamless fit.

As the Browns embark on the battles ahead, they will heavily rely on Hunt’s skill set and dedication to contribute effectively. The team’s decision to bring back Hunt not only strengthens their running game but also highlights their commitment to supporting players who have shown remorse and a commitment to positive change.

In a league where player conduct and character are of utmost importance, the Browns have demonstrated their willingness to provide second chances. The NFL, as a whole, continues to address issues of player behavior and set standards for accountability.

By giving Hunt another opportunity, the Browns are joining the league’s push for redemption and growth. As they move forward with Hunt, the organization must ensure they have the necessary structures in place to support his development and hold him accountable.


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