WATCH: Chris Christie BOOED while criticizing Trump in front of social conservative crowd


Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey, who recently launched his Presidential campaign received a mixed reaction from the crowd at the Washington Hilton hotel.

Christie criticized Donald Trump – one of his rivals in the 2024 White House race, saying that Trump has let Americans down. Christie made these remarks to a crowd of several hundred social conservatives gathered at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference which was attended by several Trump supporters who jeered him.


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Christie had some powerful words for his detractors saying that, ‘Our faith teaches us that people have to take responsibility for what they do.’ This plea for accountability received some applause from the audience. The former Governor still managed to elicit some cheers, moments after exiting the stage. However, there were some die-hard Trump supporters who let their disapproval be known.

Mike, a 35-year-old small-business owner from New York, and 34-year-old Diana from Tennessee patiently stood in the background as Christie posed for photos. When asked about their thoughts on Christie’s criticism of Trump, Diana was quick to say that she is still with Trump, adding that she thinks he is the best candidate when it comes to international affairs and the economy. Mike too, didn’t mince his words and said that he’s still mad at Christie over Bridgegate.

Christie recently declared his candidature for the Presidential race and is positioning himself as someone who isn’t afraid to call out Trump over his actions as President, including his role in the January 6th, 2021 US Capitol riots. Christie was initially a staunch supporter of Trump but has since soured on him, citing that he made a ‘fundamental judgment error.’

The Faith & Freedom Coalition conference where Christie made these remarks was attended by hundreds of social conservatives from all over the country. According to a Monmouth University poll, Christie doesn’t score well among GOP primary voters. Even before he announced his Presidential campaign, the former New Jersey Governor’s unfavorable rating was the highest of ten potential 2024 Presidential hopefuls tested, underscoring the challenge he will have in winning over voters.

Christie’s remarks drew mixed reactions from the crowd – some were happy that he wasn’t afraid to criticize powerful people, and others were upset that he had turned his back on Trump. This response echoes the larger conversation happening within the Republican party as to whether it should double down on its loyalty to Trump or chart a new path.

Christie was unphased by the vocal opposition from the crowd, and he came back with some strong words, telling them that telling the truth requires courage. These words were met with some applause from the audience. Though Christie’s unfavorable rating among GOP primary voters isn’t great, he plans to win over voters, one speech at a time.

Conservatives believe that the GOP’s future is inextricably linked to Donald Trump’s future, and many believe that any critique of him is an attack on the values that the Republican party and Conservatives hold dear. Christie has decided to take a chance and hope that by criticizing Trump’s actions as President, he will win over voters who want someone who is willing to hold leaders accountable, regardless of party and ideology.

Christie’s criticism of Trump highlights the growing divide between two branches of the Republican party – the conservatives who are still loyal to Trump and the moderate Republicans who see themselves as the voice of reason and accountability within the party. This ideological divide threatens to fracture the Republican party, as it struggles to find common ground.

Christie’s decision to criticize Trump was a risky move, but it was necessary if he hopes to win over undecided voters. Christie is looking to present himself as someone who is willing to speak the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable, and that he isn’t afraid to hold powerful leaders accountable.

Mike’s reference to Bridgegate shows that people haven’t forgotten the incident which led to the indictment of several of Christie’s staffers. This highlights a major hurdle for Christie’s campaign – the mistrust people have towards politicians, especially those seeking to occupy the highest office in the land.

Christie’s unfavorable rating among GOP primary voters shows that he has a lot of work to do, as is the case with every Presidential hopeful. However, Christie seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve, chief among them calling out leaders who violate laws and harm the American people.

Diana’s and Mike’s loyalty to Trump shows that even if they don’t agree with everything he does, they still believe that he is the best candidate for the job. This is a sentiment shared by millions of Americans across the nation. Christie will have to work hard to win over voters who feel this way, given that Trumpism is still very much an active force in the Republican party.

Christie’s criticism of Trump shows that he isn’t afraid to upset the apple cart. It’s a risky move, but one that he believes is necessary to win over undecided voters. Christie is hoping that voters will see him as someone who is willing to stand up to powerful people, even when it isn’t popular.

Christie’s campaign will be a long and arduous journey, riddled with challenges and questions. One thing is for sure – he has managed to create a buzz around his campaign, and people are talking about him. Whether that translates to a victory at the polls remains to be seen.

In the larger context, the divide among Republicans is one that threatens to derail the party and leave it in a worse place than it is today. Christie’s criticism of Trump illustrates the growing divide within the party, one that will have lasting effects on its future. Christie’s campaign may or may not change the political landscape forever, but it is a reminder that the political landscape in America is always evolving.


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