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Chinese Firm Paid Hunter’s Partner Millions After Joe Biden “Stopped By’ for Lunch

CEFC Ties with Hunter Biden’s Associate Spark Discussion Post $3M Transaction


In 2017, an American businessman associated with Hunter Biden received a substantial financial contribution from a Chinese entity right on the heels of a lunch gathering involving US and Chinese professionals. Joe Biden had a brief appearance at this luncheon, held at the Four Seasons hotel in the national capital, in which his son, Hunter Biden, his associate, Rob Walker, along with other professionals were present. In the mix were individuals connected to CEFC, an energy organization with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Rob Walker, the recipient of said payment, relayed the details of this lunch gathering during a recent hearing in late January with the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. As he narrated, a business entity related to CEFC transferred around $3 million to Walker’s company shortly after this meeting took place. Interestingly, part of these funds found their way to members of the Biden family.

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Mr. Walker’s agreement with Joe Biden’s presence during the meeting was unsurprising, informal, and happenstance. The assurance being shared is that Joe Biden’s appearance was brief and had no relevance to the business discussions that transpired among the people present. Walker was confident in asserting that no business propositions were offered or negotiated during Biden’s short visit.

It is noteworthy that CEFC Chairman, Ye Jianming, was counted as part of the attendees at this lunch. After the company associated with CEFC transferred the $3 million to Walker, a sum slightly exceeding $1 million was subsequently forwarded to another business partner in a sole transaction. This movement of finances was part of Walker’s testimony to the House committee.

A unique arrangement had been requested by Hunter Biden concerning his share of the transferred payment. Walker mentioned in his testimony that Hunter Biden preferred to receive his portion spread out into smaller, more manageable installments.

The intent behind this luncheon between the Bidens and their associates and these Chinese businessmen was primary dialogue and exploration of possible professional collaborations. Walker expressed that formal business ventures and agreements were not yet solidified, this meeting represented an effort to explore potential for working synergistically in the future.

According to Walker’s testimony, Hunter Biden’s business connections with CEFC were preemptive, formed while his father was still in office as vice president under the Obama administration. These connections were possibly part of an initiative to explore new avenues of cooperation.

As 2016 commenced, the threesome – Walker, Hunter Biden, and a mutual business associate – deliberated and eventually concluded that it was best to extend their business proposals to CEFC Director, Jian Jun Zang, under Hunter Biden’s name. Walker shared that adopting this approach ‘would probably make more sense’ during his testimony.

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In Walker’s opening remarks during the hearing, he emphasized that the substantial accusations leveled against both Hunter and Joe Biden of involvement in a shady influence-trading scheme are ‘unfounded’. His view of the proceedings was clear and unambiguous, making light of the misunderstanding about the relationship between the Biden family and the Chinese firm.

There arose a contrasting opinion, however, from another former business associate of Hunter Biden – Tony Bobulinski. His perspective concerning the Biden family’s business motives was far less charitable. Bobulinski testified, venturing an alternative view about the perceived ties between the Bidens and the Chinese energy conglomerate.

According to Bobulinski’s recollections, the Chinese Communist Party, utilizing the China Energy Company Limited (CEFC) as their front, ‘successfully sought to infiltrate and compromise Joe Biden and the Obama-Biden White House.’ This statement from Tony Bobulinski was part of his opening remarks provided to lawmakers, and showed a stark difference in viewpoint to Walker’s account.

Digging deeper into his argument, Bobulinski regarded Joe Biden as an enabler who indeed benefitted from this purported scheme. Simultaneously, in his words, a convoluted network was established to retain ‘plausible deniability’ regarding Joe Biden’s involvement.

Tony Bobulinski’s testimony is strong. He insists that ‘Joe Biden was aware of the CEFC transaction, enabled it and had a constitutional responsibility and obligation to the American people to shut it down before it began.’ He clearly has faith in the truth of his testimony.

At the time of this report, the Biden campaign and the White House had not furnished any immediate responses to requests made for their comments on the matter.

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