China Deploys Troops As Pelosi Nears Taiwan

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As Nancy Pelosi’s plane approached Taiwan, China deployed it’s military sending warplanes to the unofficial dividing line between Taiwanese and Chinese waters. 

The Daily Caller reported, The Taiwanese ministry of defense identified air activity in the strait on Monday and said it will mobilize as needed to address “enemy threats,”

Taiwanese forces reportedly stood by prepared to engage with the Chinese planes if they needed to. 

Chinese citizens also started posting pictures and videos of tanks and soldiers moving through the southern Chinese city of Xiamen towards the coast that borders the Taiwan Strait. 

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One video in particular shows beachgoers astonished as an unending line of tanks rolls over the sand and through a divided crowd of people, some farther up on the beach watching the tanks and others still in the water. 

The Taiwanese government website also experienced an outage after a cyber attack Tuesday. Reports indicate that the attack originated from overseas through it has not been confirmed whether it was carried out directly by the Chinese government or not. 


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