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Charlamagne Tha God Regrets Biden-Harris Endorsement and Pulls Out of 2024

Rethinking Support: Charlamagne Shifts Stance on Biden-Harris Ticket

Prominent broadcaster, Charlamagne Tha God, recently shared that he is having second thoughts about having endorsed the Biden-Harris tandem back in 2020, as reported by Politico on Tuesday. He expressed his disappointment about Vice President Kamala Harris supposedly becoming less visible after they secured their respective offices in the White House.

Charlamagne, who hosts the popular ‘The Breakfast Club,’ also made it clear that he had no intentions of supporting President Biden and Harris in the upcoming 2024 elections. His experience, he explained, was no less than feeling ‘burned’ after his 2020 endorsement.

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‘Looking back on that period, I now realize that I maybe shouldn’t have taken that step,’ Charlamagne candidly admitted to Politico. ‘It strains credibility when we advocate for particular political figures, such as when I recommended support for Kamala Harris for vice president, and then those figures seem to fade from public view once they’re in office.’

Staying true to his opinion about Harris, Charlamagne added, ‘It drastically affects public confidence when campaign promises don’t match actions following the election.’ Presently, he still endures criticism for his previous endorsement, with many concluding that his recommendation was misguided.

‘The feedback I get is often negative,’ he reflected. ‘People express their disappointment with comments like: ‘You were the one who persuaded us to cast our vote for them.’ I must admit this kind of backlash is becoming increasingly common.’

His critical stance became particularly apparent in a featured interview with Harris in December 2021. The discourse escalated quickly when Charlamagne questioned who was actually running the country. ‘Who holds the real reigns of power here — Joe Biden or Joe Manchin?’ he inquired on his Comedy Central show, ‘Tha God’s Honest Truth,’ during a discussion about Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition to spending legislation.

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The dialogue took an unforeseen twist when an aide of Vice President Harris attempted to intercept and conclude the interview prematurely. However, Harris chose to respond. ‘Please, Charlamagne,’ she interjected. She then reiterated with conviction, ‘It’s Joe Biden,’ even as Charlamagne sought to justify his interrogation.

Charlamagne further disclosed that he does not anticipate either Harris or Biden to appear on his show for any exchanges in the lead-up to the 2024 elections. An enduring memory remains of his notable interview with Biden in 2020, where it culminated with the future President bluntly telling listeners that their racial identity was questionable if they found themselves conflicted between Biden and Trump.

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Reflecting upon that moment, Charlamagne commented, ‘That pivotal interview still resounds in my memory. It was another example of an interaction that left me questioning my endorsement.’

Despite these experiences, Charlamagne maintains that his primary concern centers around maintaining transparency with his listeners. ‘They trust me and they value my input,’ he said. ‘It’s essential that I honor this trust, and speak my mind, even when it’s uncomfortable or controversial.’

Given these considerations and past experiences, Charlamagne holds firm in his decision not to endorse the Biden-Harris ticket in the upcoming elections. ‘Public confidence in a political figure is a fragile thing,’ he said. ‘It’s been a learning curve for me, and it’s a lesson I won’t soon forget.’

Charlamagne’s experiences and the backlash he continues to face remind us that endorsements are not to be taken lightly. They can have lasting impacts not only on the endorsed but on the endorser as well.

As Charlamagne’s journey unfolds, his listeners, along with the rest of the public, can expect him to continue challenging political figures, regardless of party affiliations. His focus remains on bringing to light essential discussions, even when they may stir controversy.

This recent announcement echoes the wider sentiment many voters feel towards the ever-changing political landscape. As people continue to voice their concerns and hold their elected officials accountable, figures like Charlamagne remind us that this apathy isn’t isolated but a shared sentiment.

Overall, Charlamagne’s shift in stance is a profound reminder of the importance of accountability and transparency in public figures. His regret over his previous endorsement underscores how pivotal moments can shape public opinion and potentially impact future actions.

Given his experiences, it is clear that Charlamagne Tha God will maintain his commitment to challenging authority and preserving transparency with his listeners. For him, holding powerful figures accountable, no matter their party affiliation, remains paramount in his role as a media personality and advocate.


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