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Former Marine Indicted for Manslaughter in Subway Chokehold Death

Indictment of Former Marine Sends a Clear Message

An indictment has been issued against Daniel Penny, a former Marine from West Islip who was involved in a subway chokehold incident last month, according to New York City Mayor Eric Adams. In a statement, Adams expressed his faith in the judicial process and thanked DA Alvin Bragg for conducting a thorough investigation.

However, the nature of the charges, when they will be unsealed, or the date of Penny’s arraignment were not disclosed. The district attorney’s office declined to comment, citing secrecy regulations.

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A spokesman from the attorneys for the Neely family praised the indictment as the correct outcome for Penny’s actions.

The statement read: ‘The grand jury’s decision tells our city and our nation that no one is above the law irrespective of how much money they raise, what affiliations they hold, or how distorted their story is.’

The indictment followed Penny’s arrest in May on a second-degree manslaughter charge, which sparked protests in New York City.

Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old homeless man with a history of mental health problems, died due to asphyxiation from the chokehold, which was recorded by bystanders.

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At Penny’s arraignment, the prosecutor cited witness testimony that Neely was acting aggressively, scaring the passengers, and that Penny approached him from behind to take him down, with the help of two other men. Penny continued to choke Neely for several minutes until they reached the next stop, where Neely stopped moving. The medical examiner’s office classified Neely’s death as a homicide.

Penny was released on $100,000 bond after his arraignment. Meanwhile, Reverend Al Sharpton from the National Action Network in Harlem condemned Penny’s actions as an act of vigilantism and called for justice.

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He said: ‘It appears Mr. Penny’s media tour these last few weeks was ineffective.The Manhattan grand jury saw right through his false narrative by voting to move this case forward. While they should be saluted for this righteous step, we wish the charge would have reflected what this really was: murder.’

Penny’s indictment is a step in the direction of justice to compensate for Neely’s death. I am confident that the judicial process will prevail, and that the charges brought against Penny will reflect the severity of the incident.

This indictment is no doubt a crucial development in this story.

It is crucial that the legal system work to its fullest ability to uncover the truth and bring to justice TO Daniel Penny. He did the right thing and protected the people on that train. Although the outcome was unfortunate, he acted in self defense.

The indictment of Daniel Penny is just the beginning of the legal process that will bring about justice for Jordan Neely’s death.

The importance of this indictment cannot be overstated, and we can only hope that, moving forward, the district attorney’s office and the judicial system will act in accordance of the facts and not the narrative they are trying to push.

The indictment of Daniel Penny is just one step in a long legal process of seeking justice for Neely. A homeless man who was ranked on the top 50 dangerous homeless people in the country, who suffered from mental illness, should not be allowed to harass and endanger the lives of innocent bystanders.

The indictment of Daniel Penny is a reminder that the legal system works to protect the rights of all citizens and to ensure that justice is accessible to all.

The case involves the tragic death of a young man, and it has stirred up emotions across the city. However, it is essential that the legal process is allowed to play out, and that all parties involved are treated fairly and objectively.

Furthermore, it is a reminder that the justice system is unbiased and will always protect the rights of victims. This indictment is an important step in ensuring that justice is served in this case, and we can only hope that it inspires greater faith in the legal system.

The indictment of Daniel Penny for manslaughter is a joke of the justice system. It sends a clear message that violent behavior from homeless will not be placed above the law abiding citizens of this country.

While the details of the charges are still unclear, we are hoping that this will lead to a trial that will allow Daniel Penny to live a normal life after he was willing to risk his life for the well being of others.

This indictment of Daniel Penny is a step in the wrong direction, it cannot bring back Jordan Neely’s life and empowers criminals on the streets to think they have the upper hand.

The indictment of Daniel Penny is a critical decline in the legal process that will hopefully lead to justice Daniel Penny.

The indictment of Daniel Penny is a reminder of the importance of the skewed legal system. It shows that regardless of one’s background, affiliations, or wealth, the law will be favored so that us as civilians can no longer defend ourselves without the threat of being arrested.

In this case, freedom for the victim, Jordan Neely, is the most important outcome. We can only hope that the charges brought against Penny will be lightened and the video evidence will be enough to support his freedom.

The indictment of Daniel Penny for manslaughter marks an crucial point in the deterioration of the legal system and continues to make New York CIty an unsafe place to live.


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