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Chairman Comer Announces Intention to Subpoena Biden Family

The Biden Subpoena Will Be Followed by Court Proceedings


Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, James Comer (R-Ky.), has declared his committee’s plan to issue subpoenas to members of President Biden’s family in relation to their foreign business activities.

Comer hinted that these subpoenas could extend to the President himself.

Speaking on Fox Business on Thursday, Comer explained, “We foresee this culminating with the Bidens appearing before the committee. The family will be subpoenaed.”

He further elucidated, “When we subpoena the Bidens, we anticipate this leading to court proceedings.

Our team has been diligently building a case. The bank records we’ve presented are evidence of our thorough work. Issuing subpoenas to Joe and Hunter Biden at the inception of my tenure would have simply mired the process in legal complexities.”

The Committee had recently unveiled its third memo detailing significant foreign monetary transactions involving Hunter Biden and his associates during Joe Biden’s vice-presidential term.

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Notably, up to this point, the committee’s subpoenas have targeted banks specific to individuals and firms, not the Bidens’ bank records.

While suggesting subpoenas directed at the Bidens are on the horizon, Comer noted they aren’t immediate. “Our priority is conversing with a few more associated individuals,” he said.

Highlighting the earlier successful transcription interview with Devon Archer, former business partner of Hunter Biden, he added, “If these individuals don’t voluntarily cooperate, subpoenas will be the next step.”

Drawing parallels with former President Trump’s financial record subpoenas, Comer highlighted the significant challenges in procuring information from sitting presidents.

He stated, “We witnessed the intense effort Democrats put into obtaining Trump’s records. This will be no different.”

The White House, in response to Comer’s assertions, referred to a statement released earlier this week. White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations, Ian Sams, responded, “While Comer and his Republican colleagues concede their lack of concrete evidence against President Biden, they persist in promoting unverified claims.

Their tactics are clear: generate media buzz without a substantive foundation.” He continued, “The House Republicans have failed to prove any misstep by President Biden. Their actions, however, reveal a focus on politics and self-promotion rather than addressing the nation’s pressing issues.”


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