CBS News LEAVES Twitter Because of Elon Musk

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Due to Elon Musk, CBS News is taking an “Abundance of Caution” on twitter.

One user pointed out that their posts barely get any activity to being with.

Many Users on twitter proceeded to mock CBS.

This might be CBS’s attempt to signal to other news organizations to stop posting there as well. Even if it is, CBS will be back eventually on the platform.

This comes after Elon Musk started to clean up the company by firing thousands of employees.

Even though critics say that twitter is in shambles, the platform has be operating the same as it always has even after the massive layoffs.

One last note, this clown thinks that Zuckerberg is right wing. This clown also fails to realize that ALL of Big Tech (except twitter) is ran and controlled by Democrat Elitists.

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