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WATCH: Gavin Newsom Shocked To Hear Californians Blame Him For Shoplifting Problem

Caught Red-Handed: Newsom Questions Store Approach to Shoplifting Amid His Own Policies

Gavin Newsom, California Governor

Governor Newsom recently recounted an eye-opening experience during a visit to a Target store, where he witnessed a theft unfolding before his eyes. Expressing his astonishment, he inquired why the store clerk did not intervene, only to be informed that the governor’s policies had led to a decrease in the pursuit of shoplifters. Despite his immediate denial, the underlying truth lies in Proposition 47 of 2014, a measure he actively supported, which downgraded the severity of theft up to $950 from a felony to a mere misdemeanor.

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In his attempt to defend the seemingly lenient stance, Newsom highlighted that the $950 threshold is the “tenth-toughest” among all states. Interestingly, once the clerk recognized him, she sought a photo opportunity, which the governor declined, possibly indicating a reluctance to associate with the consequences of his own policies.

Beyond Proposition 47, Newsom has aligned himself with progressive prosecutors like George Gascón, championed by left-wing figure George Soros. These prosecutors, accused by critics of leniency towards minor offenders, are believed to have contributed to the surge in petty crime now rampant in California’s major cities. The governor’s unwavering support for such figures raises questions about his commitment to addressing the growing concerns around law enforcement and public safety.

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Newsom adamantly claims that crime rates in the state are at “50-year lows.” Paradoxically, he is simultaneously proposing new laws to combat theft, seemingly oblivious to the existing laws that are not being enforced effectively.

The repercussions of these policies are palpable in San Francisco, where Newsom once served as mayor. Retailers are fleeing the city due to escalating shoplifting and crime in what was once a thriving shopping district. Major retail chains have abandoned their presence, and those that remain are resorting to extreme measures such as locking up ordinary goods to protect against theft. This alarming trend prompts reflection on the long-term consequences of Governor Newsom’s policy decisions, particularly their impact on the safety and prosperity of California‘s cities.

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