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Ben Carson: Trump Is ‘Best Chance’ To Take Federal Bureaucracy Back From The Left

Carson: Trump’s Return Might Usher in Optimal Government Functionality


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The esteemed neurosurgeon and former member of the Trump administration, Dr. Benjamin Carson, advocates that reinstating Donald Trump to the Presidential office would be an effective strategy to revitalize the federal bureaucracy for the benefit of its citizens. He believes that this could counterbalance current attempts by the Biden administration to thoroughly integrate approaches of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the machinery of the federal bureaucracy. During his tenure as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Carson observed firsthand the resistance of bureaucrats to the policies proposed by the Trump administration.

Should he find himself back in the Oval Office, Trump has indicated that one of his primary objectives would be to streamline the administrative state. Trump intends to leverage executive orders like Schedule F to modify the employment protections of bureaucrats with significant sway in policy formation. Carson suggests that Trump’s ambitious scheme to overhaul the administrative sector filled with bureaucrats endorsing left-wing ideologies has stirred concern amongst those favoring the Left.

If Trump were to return to the presidency, a profound scrutiny of agencies and bureaucrats leaning towards the left seems imminent. There are many potential candidates for his inspection that might be seen as undermining his administration’s goals. An unanticipated revelation by the Daily Wire recently uncovered interesting practices adopted by the intelligence agencies under the Biden administration.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), as per the findings of the investigation, distributed a DEI newsletter across the intelligence fraternity. Agencies including the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) received instructions on refraining from the use of ‘problematic phrases’ while discussing matters related to Islamic terrorism. Quite notably, the DEI document hosted an article from an undisclosed intelligence officer claiming that indulging in crossdressing enhanced his capabilities as an intelligence officer.

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Additionally, the National Security Agency (NSA) drafted a DEI dictionary that was brought to light exclusively by the Daily Wire. The glossary incorporated terms such as ‘ze/zir’, ‘settler colonialism’, and ‘white fragility’, with direct references to figures prominent in the discourse of Critical Race Theory. Other government bodies have perceptibly invested sizeable taxpayer-funded resources into the promotion of DEI methodologies.

Under the Biden administration, the Pentagon is reported to have committed upwards of $270 million to champion left-leaning objectives. Similarly, the State Department, as exclusively revealed by the Daily Wire, expended more than $77 million on DEI programs in the span of two years under Biden’s administration. A significant sum has been petitioned for future DEI initiatives.

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In a further endorsement of these approaches, DEI training sessions have been woven into the fabric of federal bureaucracy. Colorful instances include the Internal Revenue Service’s compulsory training for criminal investigators. Much of the training material was sourced from an edgy transgender academic who controversially advocated for ‘the death of whiteness’ in an article provocatively titled ‘Dead Honky.’

While Trump indicates his intention to restructure the administrative state, there are those at the ready to fill vacancies created by the potential dismissal of bureaucrats in the event of his return to the presidency. A noteworthy initiative aiming towards this end is the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 Presidential Transition Project.

The goal of this project is to streamline an efficient conveyance of conservative principles in the next administration. Their plan involves assembling a robust database of promising individuals equipped to offer their contributions to a prospective conservative administration.

Project 2025 underscores the importance of an action-oriented agenda backed by the right people for regaining conservative influence. They firmly believe that to liberate the nation from the stronghold of the radical Left, more than mere electoral victories is required.

This conservative organization emphasizes a long-term vision for administrative change, stating that ‘it is not enough for conservatives to win elections.’ Victory would be ensuring the presence of a capable and dedicated conservative workforce ready to implement a solid legislative plan from the first day of the next conservative administration.

Such comprehensive planning and implementation could pave the way for an administrative approach more in line with the ideals of individual liberty, minimal government interference, and a free market.

Dr. Carson’s perspective and initiatives like Project 2025 serve as reminders about the importance of institutional integrity and ideals in ensuring a smoothly functioning administration. The steps suggested aim at rejecting bureaucracy that hinders national development and instead favor policies emphasizing efficiency and transparency.

While some argue that DEI is necessary to combat systemic discriminatory practices, proponents of overturning the current system believe it has been skewed towards ideological goals, sidelining practical solutions to pressing national issues.

The proposed restructuring encourages a balanced and pragmatic administrative philosophy, one that reaches far beyond partisan politics to serve the American citizen at the heart of its operation.

Ultimately, the execution of such a vision requires careful thought, meticulous planning, and an unwavering dedication towards fostering an administration that upholds democratic ideals while taking into account the rich diversity of perspectives that make America what it is today.

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