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Byron Donalds, Possible 2024 Trump VP, Fires Back Against Hillary Clinton’s ‘Cult’ Remark

Donalds Tackles ‘Cult’ Remark from Clinton and Emerges as Strong GOP Contender


Representative Byron Donalds, a distinguished Republican from Florida, is gaining attention as a possible Vice President candidate for one of the front-runners of the GOP’s 2024 presidential race, the ever-polarizing Donald Trump.

This news comes amid a recent interaction with CNN, where he did not shy away from launching a salvo of criticisms towards Trump’s previous adversary in the 2016 elections, none other than the Democratic behemoth, Hillary Clinton.

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In what can be regarded as a bold move, Byron Donalds unequivocally discussed tense remarks from Clinton, where she conceived the Republican party and its fervent supporters as part of a ‘cult’. When confronted with this analogy from the former Secretary of State, Donalds displayed no falter in his response, by addressing it head-on.

Donalds’ addressed Clinton’s provocative comparison, in his own words stating, ‘I have long since dismissed the relevance of Clinton’s words, largely due to the fact she hasn’t been on the winning side for quite some time. Her point of view became insignificant to me a long while back. However, since she insists on voicing her views, let me address them in kind.’

His robust response continued, proclaiming Clinton’s deeds as a perpetuation of deception and disregard for transparency. Accusing Clinton of dishonest practices, such as eradicating emails and dispersing fraudulent data knowingly into the intelligence network due to fear of losing her position, he stood firm against her allegations towards the Republican party.

Being confident in his counter-accusation, he stated, ‘All these acts were committed, yet you still suffered defeat. Therefore, I won’t be taking advice from Hillary Clinton about whom I should back or not.’ Clearly, the exchange between the two political figures was charged with glaring accusations and sharp rebuttals.

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Donalds went on to accuse Clinton of multiple infractions, including intentionally deceiving the American people and using government resources to monitor one of her political adversaries. Tying these accusations into historical context, he compared Clinton’s actions to the notorious Watergate scandal and Nixon’s conduct, adding a twist with the reference to the Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between Trump and Russia.

The Florida Representative continued, asserting that Clinton’s role as Obama’s secretary of state till 2013, followed by her preparation to lead the presidential race, did not prevent the FBI from finding zero evidence of her allegations against Trump. Clinton claimed Trump and Russian President Putin conspired to snatch the election from her, but Donalds was quick to remind that not only FBI but also multiple congressional probes and the investigation led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller found no support for such accusations.

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Donalds continued his indisputable argument against Clinton’s allegations by highlighting her calling of Trump as an ‘illegitimate president’, a term she continually used years after Trump’s victory. He analyzed Clinton’s attitude, noting that she was constantly blaming people and creating false claims, both during and after Trump’s presidency.

He further discussed how Clinton expressed her concerns on Trump’s first presidency term during an interview on ‘The View’, stating her fears about what unfolded since his inauguration and her belief that Trump’s conduct could worsen without restraining forces, especially the ones he hired presuming they would side with him.

Donalds also mentioned Clinton’s recent appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’ in November, where she apprehended a prospective Trump run for a second term as a warning of a critical threat to the nation’s existence. She solemnly noted that her thoughts about another Trump term were deeply concerning and that she didn’t use those words lightly.

Clinton’s post-defeat stance was something that Donalds carefully scrutinized. According to the former first lady and secretary of state, she was open to giving Trump a chance after losing the election in 2016, allaing her extreme disappointment at losing, especially against Trump, considering the warning signs she had spotted during the campaign.

In her own words, Clinton said, ‘Despite my averseness to losing and my outright distaste at losing to him because I had already recognized the warning flags during the race, I was quick to say, we have to provide him an opportunity, we’ve to back up our president,’ adding that she was sincere in her proposition.

Continuing her sentiment on the matter, Clinton expressed, ‘I made my best effort, but since his inauguration, it was nothing but a series of accusations and fabrication.’ She reiterated her fears about Trump being less restrained in a potential second term due to his independence from people he hired with the assumption they would back him.


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