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Candace Cameron Bure On Leaving L.A.: ‘We Didn’t Feel Safe Anymore’

Adding a Touch of Privacy: Bure Family’s Prudent Move Away from Hollywood

In her recent chat with a media outlet, Bure revealed that a lack of safety was the paramount driving force behind their decision to move. Undoubtedly, living in a star-studded area like Hollywood comes with its own distinct set of challenges. She emphasized, however, that not all those who are a part of the Hollywood tapestry reside behind protected barriers. Prior to their move, her family had endured several uncomfortable instances concerning overzealous fans, who felt bold enough to trespass onto her property, take pictures, and even come up to the front door without invitation.

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Bure described the unusual boldness of some individuals in today’s world, who cross boundaries and intrude, wanting to become a part of your life in some manner. She elaborated that while some of these invasions could be attributed to pure innocence, not all held such harmless intent. Bure remarked upon the unsettling nature of such situations, the heightened insecurity you feel when you attempt to lead a normal life, yet are constantly apprehensive about potential surprises awaiting ’round the corner.

The reassessment of their living situation was necessitated post-confirmation on Instagram by the star of the Great American Family network that they had relocated. Bure acquainted her followers with the situation by confirming the queries on her recent reshuffling. She posted on her Instagram stories, ‘Yes, we indeed have moved.’ The main driver for this shift was primarily due to the need for enhanced security.

Bure also explained that the dynamics within the family had experienced certain alterations. Their kids’ locations have shifted from Los Angeles leading to some level of decentralization in the family. A mother’s instinct, however, compels her to follow her offspring, regardless of their dwelling places! Given her extensive traveling requirements, this move seemed like a convenient adjustment to the circumstances that life had dealt her.

Bure dismissed many unfounded speculations regarding their new home location. Despite numerous narratives making the rounds about their relocation, none managed to hit the mark. She clarified, ‘No, we haven’t moved to Nashville. Texas isn’t our new home either. We are still based in California, just transitioned towards the northern part.’ Her point was to emphasize that they had not deserted Los Angeles altogether, but rather chosen a more peaceful Californian abode up north.

Valeri Bure, the acclaimed Russian NHL hockey player, stands by Bure’s side as a supportive husband. Together, they have built a lovely family, nurturing and raising their three adult children. Bure opened up about the considerable transformation in her lifestyle since her children have grown up and moved out of their family home.

The stage of ’empty-nesting’ comes as a significant turning point in a parent’s life. Bure reflected on this, stating how this stage of her life is largely dedicated to discovering and enjoying new phases of life. Emphasizing the importance of continuous growth and adaptability, she expressed her excitement about sharing new experiences and adventures with her partner.

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Bure speaks fondly of the potential for embarking on new journeys and meeting fresh faces, further enriching their lives. These are integral parts of her and Valeri’s efforts to keep and strengthen the bond in their marriage. The essence, Bure highlights, lies in the continuous evolution, and that’s what keeps their connection vibrant and healthy.

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