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WATCH: Buffalo Bills Release Ken Dorsey After Broncos’ Field Goal Debacle

N.Y. Jets Next for Joe Brady as New Offensive Coordinator for Buffalo Bills

Following a lackluster display against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football, the Buffalo Bills have announced a shift in their coaching staff. The offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, has been released after their disappointing game.

One could see from coach Sean McDermott’s post-game press conference that he was unsettled after witnessing a game that the Bills could have won slip away yet again.

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McDermott seems frustrated with the fluctuating performance of the Bills’ offense, forcing him to make this dramatic decision on Tuesday morning.

Ken Dorsey’s tenure has ended, opening up an opportunity for Joe Brady, who will temporarily take over Dorsey’s responsibilities. Brady, who had prior experience as the team’s quarterbacks coach, will now steer the offensive plans.

Brady is set to face his first significant challenge with the New York Jets and their formidable defense line.

Dorsey, halfway into his second year as the offensive coordinator for the Bills, showed flashes of impressive play-calling backed up by noteworthy statistics. However, something felt amiss at the onset of the 2023 NFL season, causing a dichotomy between the team’s on-field performance and statistical standings

Their most pressing issue showed itself in the form of turnovers, contributing another four to their record in the most recent game.

Josh Allen, the Bills’ quarterback, has been at the forefront of this issue, leading the league in turnovers. Allen, noticeably under pressure during crucial junctures of the season, has also been struggling to contribute as a runner, an aspect of his play that was a significant weapon in his arsenal in the previous seasons.

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Despite these on-field issues, the Bills’ offensive statistics place them in the upper half of the league after ten games. However, these numbers don’t necessarily provide an accurate depiction of their performance.

An example is their performance since their overpowering victory over the Miami Dolphins in Week 4. Their offensive displays have seemed laborious, often starting slowly, resulting in the team falling behind early in games.

The team’s offense seemed to follow a predictable trend, taking almost until halftime to kick into gear. They would then find some rhythm, managing to secure points via touchdowns. However, this seemingly scripted sequence repeated itself during their recent loss to the Broncos, further highlighting their performance issues.

Hence, it is intriguing to speculate on how Joe Brady’s appointment as the new offensive coordinator might alter the team’s offensive strategy. Brady certainly has an impressive resume, having served as the passing game coordinator for the LSU Tigers when they clinched the national championship.

Interestingly, the quarterback leading the Tigers to their national championship under Brady was none other than Joe Burrow. Brady’s past record and experience working with high-caliber quarterbacks could be beneficial for the Buffalo Bills. However, he will need to hit the ground running, as the team looks to halt a performance slide and return to their winning ways.


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