Brooklyn Center Protests Linked To 22 COVID Cases

After Daunte Wright was shot and killed by the police in Brooklyn Center Minnesota, a week long protest ensued. It has now been discovered that at least 22 cases of covid 19 were spread during the gatherings. 

It’s likely that as time passes, more cases will be discovered due to the exponential nature of the virus, those who are willing to pack in shoulder to shoulder with strangers, likely weren’t socially distancing regularly. 

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“State Infectious Disease Director Kris Ehresmann said Thursday that 11 officers working the protests and 11 protesters have tested positive, FOX 9 in Minneapolis reported.”

The crowds were large. They gathered all day, and all night. The chances of spreading the virus were extremely high. 

It’s no surprise that an unprotected protest like this one was a hot spot for transmission. 


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