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Bronny James Thrills USC Debut with Signature LeBron Move

Like Father, Like Son: Bronny James Sparks Debut Game with Spectacular Play

As history often repeats itself, so did the basketball prowess within the James family. In his first collegiate match for the University of Southern California, Bronny James electrified the spectators with a stunning signature move, reminiscent of his father, LeBron James.

As the clock read just slightly over five minutes remaining in the maiden half, Jadon Jones of the Long Beach State made a move toward the hoop. Predicting his layup attempt, Bronny James sprinted after him and delivered a spectacular rear block.

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Bronny, at the tender age of 19, stepped onto the court as a substitute during this Sunday match against Long Beach State, marking his debut. He played for the Trojans, who entered into the game with a tally of 5 wins and 3 losses.

However, James, the young basketball hope, faced a daunting challenge on July 20. During a routine practice session at the Galen Center, the usual playground for the USC, he experienced a cardiac arrest. The subsequent medical investigation revealed a congenital heart anomaly, which, fortunately, was amenable to treatment.

Bronny James fought courteously against the adversity, mirroring the genuine spirit of sportsmanship. After the treatment, his medical team, along with the USC medical staff, gave him the clearance to rejoin full-contact practice. Prior to this clearance, his activities had been strictly limited to solo workout sessions encompassing weight training, cardiovascular exercises, and practicing shots.

The initial publishing of this inspiring tale of Bronny James and his impressive debut for the USC took place in Akron Beacon Journal. The rookie’s fine performance is indeed a testament to the fact that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and ‘like father, like son’ continues to prove true in this story of the James family.

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