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BREAKING: Team Trump Slams the Biden Crime Family Following Hunter Conviction

Hunter Biden Convicted, Biden Dynasty Comes Crumbling Down

The Trump team has voiced their criticism toward the results of a court hearing on Wednesday, where a Delaware jury of 12 has declared Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, responsible for all federal charges against him. They believed that Hunter deliberately provided false information on a federal weapon agreement while securing a firearm in 2018. The court hearing is perceived as a mere diversion from the actual offenses committed by the Biden Crime Family, which has successfully gathered countless millions from countries such as China, Russia, and Ukraine.

The tenure of Joe Biden, who spearheads the nefarious activities of the Biden clan, is presumably nearing its conclusion on the 5th of November. The days of a Biden exploiting their governmental influence to amass personal riches are, thankfully, nearing an end. Hunter Biden will be recognized in the annals of history as the inaugural offspring of a currently incumbent US president to face trial and subsequently found guilty of a federal crime.

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Hunter has been accompanied in the recent past by several members of the Biden family. Among them were First Lady Jill Biden, his spouse Melissa Cohen Biden, his half-sister Ashley Biden, his close friend Kevin Morris, his auntie Valerie Biden Owens, and the President’s sibling, James Biden. The jury convicted Hunter Biden on charges of lying on ATF Form 4473 while purchasing his Cobra Colt .38 in October of 2018, and for possessing a firearm while engaged with illicit substance abuse.

Hunter Biden, battling with drug dependency issues during the time, pled not guilty to the charges brought against him. There is a strong probability that he will appeal this verdict. Hunter’s legal defense made a claim that he did not knowingly provide false information on the ATF form, maintaining the stance that he thought at the time of purchasing the firearm that he didn’t suffer from any addiction to illegal substances such as cocaine.

The son of the President, as per reports from Fox News, is potentially facing a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. In addition, each violation could lead to him being penalized with a fine exceeding $250,000. President Biden has expressed his decision that he will not exercise his executive privilege to pardon his son.

While the accusations are gravely serious, it is generally not anticipated that the President’s son will be handed a jail term, taking into consideration the fact that this is his first offense. Despite the damning verdict, President Biden expressed his admiration and pride for his son, applauding him for overcoming his addiction problems.

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‘I am the President, yet I am also a Father. Both Jill and I adore our son, and we are proud of the man he is today. Any family that has experienced a loved one grappling with addiction will recognize the sense of joy and pride emanating from witnessing a loved one’s recovery and seeing resilience displayed in their pursuit to stay clean,’ said the President.

‘As I reiterated just last week, I will accept the verdict of this case, proceeding to uphold the utmost respect for the judicial process as Hunter mulls over an appeal. Jill and I will forever lend our unconditional love and support to Hunter and the rest of the family. Nothing will ever change the fact of our unwavering support,’ he continued.

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Hunter Biden, in his statements, displayed gratitude for the unending support and love showered upon him by his family throughout the duration of the trial, and expressed disappointment with the final decision taken by the court. ‘Recovery is rendered possible by God’s grace, I consider myself blessed to be able to live this gift, one day at a time,’ shared Hunter.

Hunter’s legal representative, Abbe Lowell, conveyed affirmation towards his commitment to exploiting all viable legal avenues at his client’s disposal, to challenge and possibly overturn this verdict.

Familial ties have surely been tested through this trial, but what is evident throughout the ordeal is the unwavering support the Biden family has shown each other.

The days that follow will be crucial as the legal team scrambles to present a robust appeal case, with the hope of overturning Hunter’s guilty verdict.

Regardless of your political affiliation, it is a solemn moment to witness such a prominent family endure a public legal battle over serious accusations. The hope now is that justice will be served and the right outcome will emerge.

While the verdict might be a point of division among political lines, it’s a sobering reminder of the battles families across America face daily, especially those struggling with addiction. The resilience shown during these times will likely form an important part of the Biden’s family narrative in the years to come.


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