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BREAKING: Joe Biden Receiving Recurring Payments of $1380 from Hunter’s Law Corporation Tied to China 

The Biden Family’s Foreign Ties: Unearthed Documents Raise New Questions


In the waning months of 2018, Joseph R. Biden Jr., then a decade out of the vice presidency, reportedly began receiving frequent payments of $1,380 from his son Hunter’s law specialized corporation, Owasco PC.

These transfers from Owasco PC to the elder Biden were established amidst concerning revelations that the same firm had been on the receiving end of copious transactions wired from sources with Chinese governmental ties, an alarming detail first raised by a bank officer monitoring such prospective money laundering activities.

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A bank document refers to a ‘monthly’ payment, reinforced by a nullified check written to future President Biden. The House Oversight Committee unveiled these intriguing details on Monday.

According to our information sources, the posted bank records showed at least three of these payments, falling on the dates of September 17, October 15 and November 15, each in 2018.

Their total came to $4,140 being cumulatively transferred from Owasco PC, Hunter Biden’s business entity, to the account of then-private citizen Joseph R. Biden Jr. The financial data shedding light on these transactions were made available by the House Oversight Committee, leading to revelations about the complex financial dealings between the Biden family members.

‘This massive corruption involving the President and his family calls for immediate and strict accountability,’ voiced James Comer, the Chairman of the Oversight Committee. The compelling bank records, he said, show indubitably that Owasco PC, not Hunter Biden’s personal account, directed monthly transfers to Joe Biden. Comer pointed out, these transactions were made using an account receiving foreign, including Chinese, funds.

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Owasco PC and its activities have attracted government scrutiny, with a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation currently focusing on Hunter Biden for potential tax evasion and other serious infringements related to the corporation. Comer intriguingly questioned the veil of secrecy surrounding Joe Biden in this DOJ probe, based on whistleblower information suggesting a deliberate effort to ward off investigators from closely examining the President’s potential involvement.

The document sets confirm that the elder Biden began receiving his monthly $1,380 from Owasco PC, Hunter Biden’s firm, as of 2018. There was no immediate comment from the White House in response to these released records. One potential explanation of these transfers could be a reimbursement arrangement for vehicle payments to Joe Biden, although confirmation of such a claim remains elusive.

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Intriguingly, early 2019 documents, particularly an email from Hunter Biden’s assistant, referred to expenses such as ‘Ford Raptor — Reimbursement to JRB — $1380,’ which may suggest a repayment agreement. Despite this conjecture, the fund’s precise origin remains uncertain and such references unresolved.

At that time, Hunter Biden was deeply involved in his contentious business affairs, specifically with Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings and CEFC China Energy, symbolizing a broader, more convoluted financial picture.

The latest details have surfaced at a crucial moment. House Republicans are gearing up to interrogate James Biden, the President’s brother, and next week, Hunter Biden. The enquiring spotlight will focus on the President’s involvement in his family’s foreign businesses, particularly those tied to China and Ukraine. This revelatory momentum is building up as the House may vote on authorizing an ongoing impeachment investigation this month.

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden repeatedly denied having conversed about business with his family members. Nevertheless, subsequent disclosures suggest otherwise, as evidence points to his meeting the business contacts of his kin involved with both the Burisma and CEFC companies.

Layering this complex situation, unearthed documents show attempts to acquire ‘bank reference’ data by Burisma board adviser Vadym Pozharskyi, one day before the first direct request for funds to be transferred to Joe Biden. However, the actual transaction did not occur until two days later, allegedly due to a delay in form submission. The connection between Joe Biden and Pozharskyi goes back to an April 17, 2015, dinner at Café Milano in DC.

Adding further intrigue, an unconfirmed tip suggests that Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma owner, stated in 2016 that he was pressured to give $10 million in bribes to the Bidens in return for helping remove prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

Concurrently, Hunter was dispersing millions received from CEFC China Energy, another of the enterprises associated with Bi Yet another scandal involves enormous payments from CEFC to Hudson West III, an entity linked to the Bidens, following a cautionary correspondence from Hunter warning of political repercussions if negotiations terminated. Significant portions of these funds were later funneled into Owasco PC, Hunter’s firm.

Earlier bank records released by the Oversight Committee reveal that Joe Biden also received payments amounting to $40,000 and $200,000 from his brother James Biden, another associate involved with CEFC and various foreign endeavors. The Committee voices concerns about the original source of these funds.

Chairman Comer put forth a compelling allegation, stating that the $40,000, which transferred into Joe Biden’s bank account on September 3, 2017, might have originated from ‘laundered’ Chinese funds. A March 1, 2018, payment of $200,000 from James to Joe Biden coincided with the exact day James received a transfer from Americore, a struggling rural hospital company. That transaction was made right after a promise by James to utilize his political ties to secure foreign investment.

Despite the White House’s claims of these transfers being loan repayments, Republicans argue the absence of associated documents and point out that the arranged payments to James Biden were done so via a law firm, instead of directly from Joe Biden himself. This element further complicates the entire situation.

In an increasingly polarized political climate, the allegations involving President Biden and his family’s financial maneuvers have understandably sparked renewed interest. At times, such intricate business dealings can seem to obfuscate rather than illuminate, particularly when viewed through the lens of partisan politics. Yet, they remain an essential piece of understanding the broader narrative shaping our nation’s leadership.

One thing is clear: these evolving revelations underscore a pressing need for further scrutiny, investigation and, if necessary, appropriate legal and political action. Transparency, accountability, and good governance do not merely belong to any one political party or a certain ideology; instead, they should be the foundational tenets guiding every public servant — ensuring America’s values remain strong, and our democracy robust.


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